Elk Hide Cowboy Boots – Exclusive Elk Leather Boots

A beautiful pair of handmade cowboy boots that are made exclusively for Pinto Ranch. You aren’t going to find another pair like them anywhere else. Such a beautiful animal, the elk is the largest species within the deer family in North America. The history of elk in North America is evident in petroglyphs that were carved into cliffs by Anasazi Indians of the southwestern United States hundreds of years ago. Elk were of great importance to many cultures and played a spiritual role in their society

Elk hides have been used for thousands of years in North America and Asia for tee pee coverings, blankets, clothing and footwear. They say most modern day uses of elk hides or leather will be more decorative and used as decorations, but elk skin shoes and boots still remain popular.


Elk Cowboy Boots - Elk Leather Boots Exclusive


Price: $495 (Handmade Elk Skin Boots)
Handmade: Yes
Material: Elk Bottom
Color: Sand
Details: Western Stitching and Distressed Accents
Toe type: ‘PR’ Roper Toe
Heel type: ‘1’ Roper Heel
Outsole: Hybrid Leather Sole
Insole: Channeled Leather Insole, Cushioned Rios Insert
Heel Height: 1”
Shaft Height: 11″
Manufactured: Mercedes, Texas

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This is a beautiful elk hide roper boot with a profile and style of a traditional cowboy boot. Weathered elk leather bottoms for a strong and beautiful bottom to these boots forming the vamps that pair beautifully with the western stitching on the shafts of the boots. A hybrid sole used in these ropers not only improves grip of the boot, but the added benefit of all day comfort. These boots were exclusively designed from Rios of Mercedes.

Rios Of Mercedes only uses the highest quality leathers and this elk leather is no exception. Built with American craftsmanship, Pinto Ranch hand selects the elk hide for each and every boot. It then has the magnificent leather turned into a pair of extraordinary boots handmade by Rios Of Mercedes boot makers. Rios has been making boots for more than 160 years and their quality is second to none.

Exclusively designed by Rios of Mercedes for Pinto Ranch, you won’t find another pair of elk cowboy boots like it anywhere. Designed and handmade all under one roof in Mercedes, Texas, the style of these ropers will have you smiling from ear to ear.

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A Great Review On Their New Elk Skin Cowboy Boots


I love these boots! Could not be happier with the fit, quality and the service from Pinto Ranch. The boots fit so well straight out of the box…Rios might be my favorite fitting boot. The folks at PR are the best in the business…seriously, I have never experienced such top shelf service (and quality of selection) from anyone.

These were the 2nd pair I ordered…and since, I have bought a few more pairs from Pinto Ranch. Love the quality of boots and amazingly kind and professional service. They have a customer for life…I will shop no where else. Have also purchased a few belts and other items. I am so glad I discovered PR, but oh buddy–my wallet is screaming uncle!

Elk Hide From Start To Elk Cowboy Boot

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Shipping & Return Of These Elk Cowboy Boots (Or Any Boots) Are A Breeze!

If you are buying these boots or any other boots from Pinto Ranch and live in the United States, shipping is free. That goes with returns as well. You can return your boots for any reason and it won’t cost you a penny. Boot was a little too big or too small? No problem! Ship them back for free, tell them you need a different size, they will ship you a new pair at no cost.

Pinto Ranch believes the right fit is the most important thing when buying a pair of boots and they want your new pair of elk cowboy boots to be the best fitting boot you have ever tried on. I don’t know about you, but their customer service is second to none and if you do get a pair that doesn’t fit just how you like, you will find out how great it is.

Learn more about Rios of Mercedes handmade cowboy boots and you will be a customer for life.

These Elk Skin Cowboy Boots Are Unique & Hard To Find

There are 20 different types of animal skins used to make hundreds if not thousands of boots on Pinto Ranch and out of all that, only 1 pair of boots is made from elk. Not only that, they are made exclusively for Pinto Ranch. I don’t know about you, but that is one special boot. I would even go to say that could be called an exotic leather.

Elk might be pretty prevalent in North America and parts of Asia, but you don’t find this quality of boots anywhere else. I’m so happy Rios of Mercedes got involved and designed a pair of elk hide boots. I can’t think of a better boot maker to do it.

If you are a cowboy boot enthusiast, there’s a really good chance you have some friends that are the same. I would love to see the looks on their eyes if you showed up wearing this pair of elk cowboy boots (which is a little more exotic than caiman in my opinion) (which is a little more exotic than caiman in my opinion) . I think they would be dumbfounded. I know I would. I’m not even sure I would tell them where I picked up a pair of boots like this. Let them stew for a while. Hey, that’s what friends are for right?

I hope you check these boots out. If you do, browse around Pinto Ranch a little bit and see what else they have to offer. Great western wear, ladies cowboy boots, cowboy boots for the kids and even a saddle shop. They also have a great assortment of accessories and boot care products. I hope you got something out of this article and as always, I hope this helped you find your new favorite pair of (elk skin) cowboy boots!

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