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I’ve decided to list here some great products that will help you take care of your boots and make sure they look great and last a long time. I don’t care if you’ve paid a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars, I’m sure you want them to last as long as possible. Not only do you want them to last, but one of the reasons you bought a pair of handcrafted pair of boots is because you want them to look good. A nice pair of boots intern makes you look good. It’s a vicious life cycle isn’t it! As you might already know, we already posted an article titled “How To Take Care Of Handmade Boots – Leather Boot Care 101“. There are some great tips and tricks there and you should give it a read if you have time. This post is basically just a list of some great boot care products and where you can get them. It’s definitely more than just some boot polish that you may need.

If you have any tips or tricks, maybe a little home type remedy or care that could be a benefit to other boot owners, we would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Scout Boot Cream Polish:

  • Boot Cream Leather PolishBoot Stuff And Accessories - Scout Boot Cream Polish
  • 1.55 oz Container
  • Available in a Wide Range of Colors and Neutral
  • Made in the USA
  • By M&F Western at Pinto Ranch

A must have for any high quality boots be it cowboy boots,
hiking boots, combat boots, or anything that takes a polish.
Use Scout’s polish periodicallyto cover up scratches, buffs,
or nicks. Scout’s boot cream polish will keep your boots and
leather other goods looking ship shape!

Leather Sole and Heel Edge Dressing – Brown:

  • Brown Leather Sole and Heel Edge DressingBoot Stuff And Accessories - Leather Sole and Heel Edge Dressing - Brown
  • Available in Black also
  • Dauber Attached to Cap
  • Restores Edges of Shoes
  • 4 FL. OZ.
  • By M&F Western at Pinto Ranch

Keeping the soles of your boots looking like a million
dollars is the same as keeping the tires on your car
looking good. You can cover any scratches or other marks
with edge dressing and keep your boots looking like new.
The solution will dry bright and does not require buffing.
Great for any type of handmade leather boots, hiking boots,
or cowboy boots.

Scout Reptile Cleaner and Conditioner:

  • Exotic Leather Cleaner and ConditionerBoot Stuff And Accessories - Scout Reptile Cleaner and Conditioner
  • 7 OZ. Aerosol Can
  • Easy to Use Spray
  • By M&F Western at Pinto Ranch

You might have a pair of handmade boots that require
a little special attention because they are made from
rattlesnake, crocodile, or some other exotic animal. Scout
reptile cleaner is your go to solution! It comes in a spray that
is easy to use. Spray on the foam and watch it lift the dirt
right off your boots. Great for rattlesnake boots or your
favorite pair or iguana skins! just make sure you put it on
a pair of boots and not a live snake. They don’t like that!

Boot Bag – Brown (and black):

  • Nylon with Piping for StructureBoot Stuff And Accessories - Boot Bag - Brown
  • Available in Black Also
  • Tear-Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Over-the-Top Nylon Handle
  • Fits Boots Up to 15″ Tall
  • By M&F Western at Pinto Ranch

Why do you need to keep your boots in a protective bag you
might ask? Well, it’s simple, did you pay all that money to
just sit them in the closet while you or your significant other
throws in their worn out shoes and scuffs your boots? Proper
storage is so important to the life of your boots. The bag is
100% nylon and reinforced. The bag rebuffs dust, dirt, resists
water, and protects against sharp objects. The exterior is
reinforced with piping to keep from leaning or falling over in
your closet. Each bag has individual compartments to house
and protect each boot.

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Men’s Cedar Boot Trees:

  • Solid Red Cedar Boot TreesBoot Stuff And Accessories - Men's Cedar Boot Trees
  • Women’s Cedar Boot Trees Available Also
  • Convenient Leather Loop
  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • By Rochester Shoe Tree Company at Pinto Ranch

If your gonna spend some money on a pair of boots, one of
the best things you can get for them is with a pair of cedar
boot trees. This is definitely a very important step to ensure
the long life on a pair of boots you may have spent a great
deal of money on. These cedar boot trees are made from
aromatic red cedar that will keep your boots smelling fresh
and will continue to maintain the look and feel your boots
deserve. Red cedar boot trees are the best protection for your
handmade cowboy boots no matter what they are made from!

Bick 4 16 oz. Leather Conditioner:

  • Quality Leather ConditionerBoot Stuff And Accessories - Bickmore Leather conditoner for boots and leather
  • Will Not Darken Leather
  • Safe for All Exotic Skins
  • Made in the USA
  • By Bickmore at Pinto Ranch

Bick makes a great leather conditioner that your boots will just love! Bick’s will preserve any smooth finished leather by cleaning, polishing, and preserving your boots with it’s formulated ingredients. You can use it on any exotic skin boots and it will not darken any light skin leather.
Use Bick’s for new or aged leather, it really doesn’t matter. It’s level ofprotection is unmatched! The great thing about
Bicks leather condi tioner is you can use it for more than just
your boots. It’s a “dual-purpose” leather treatment that goes a
long way. Feel free to use it on purses, furniture, car interiors,
or any other kind of leather without leaving a residue behind.

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Pat Dahnke Fur Boot Toppers:

Made by Pat Dahnke at Pinto RanchBoot Stuff And Accessories - Pat Dahnke Fur Boot Toppers

These boot toppers are awesome. Keep your legs
warm and I can’t even begin to describe how
fashionable they are! They can pull right over
yourboots for easy installation! lol They come in
black or natural color to fit whatever you are wearing.
The ultimate in boot fashion!

Handmade in Waller, TX. 100% rabbit. Dry clean only. Boots not included.

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This should get you started with just about everything you need to take care of whatever type of boots you may have or decide to get. Just a few moments of preventive maintenance could add years to the life of your footwear. If there is one thing I’ve learned, taking care of your footwear can pay off in spades. I don’t care if you’re talking about combat boots, country western boots, a pair of hiking boots, or your favorite pair of work boots. Regular maintenance will keep your boots looking and feeling great which intern will keep your feet happy. Heck, it will also save you money in the long run!

If you have any questions or have anything to share about taking care of your boots, please share in the comment section below.

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