Top 12 Horseback Riding Boots For Beginners

are many different types of beginner
horseback riding boots
. Equestrians have a lot to learn beyond
how to post the correct diagonal and get the correct canter lead.

key to lesson success is to understand the right equipment. Quality
footwear such as the Ariat Heritage Breeze paddock boot is essential
for safety. It will allow you to ride comfortably and confidently in
every lesson.

horseback riding lessons, you need boots that are durable, safe, and
suitable for the discipline.

to Choose a Riding Lesson Boot

years of western and English lessons, I understand what it takes for
me to be in the right mindset (and attire) to learn. If you wear the
wrong boots, your instructor will be more concerned about your feet
than your instruction.

are many options for horseback riding boots, whether they’re for men
or women. It is easier than you might think to find a pair that does
the job and lasts for years.

I have consolidated my top 12 lesson boots in this post, there are a
few things you need to know.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Riding Lesson Boots

– Even if you only do one lesson per week, your shoes should be
closed-toed with a solid heel. They will protect your feet against
misplaced hooves (it happens), and prevent your feet from sliding
through the stirrups or accidentally getting caught.

– Whether you are taking lessons in dressage or reining, or just for
pleasure riding (just to mention a few), you need a boot that is
appropriate for the type and style of riding you will be doing.

– You can buy horse riding boots made from leather or rubber in a
variety of materials. You should choose waterproof boots that are
insulated if you plan on riding through snow and mud. Breathability
is important if you are riding in high heat.

– When it comes to riding boots, you get what you pay for. It’s worth
paying a little more for something that will last a lifetime. You
might consider buying cheaper boots for your child who is still
learning. Reselling good boots is much easier.

– Fashion is not the only reason you should be shopping for boots.
Although you shouldn’t just buy boots for their looks, there are
plenty of options so that you can choose boots that you like
design-wise and do the job well. These are my favorite horseback
riding boots:

TuffRider Children’s Starter Buckle-Down Waterproof Boot for Kids

TuffRider Children’s Starter Front Zip is a great option for
children who are just starting horseback riding lessons or need to
replace older lesson boots.


  • The
    elastic gullets at the sides improve flexibility.

  • They
    are easy to put on and take off because of the zip front.

  • They
    are available in mocha or black.

  • These
    are more affordable for children who are just starting to ride.

  • These
    are very easy to clean with a damp towel!


  • These
    boots do not have a pull-on buckle, which makes it a little more
    difficult to put on.

  • These
    won’t last as long as brands of higher quality, but they are sturdy
    enough to be used for lessons.

  • The
    synthetic leather uppers don’t offer much cushion or arch support.

EquiStar All-Weather Child’s Field Boot (Kids).

Child’s Field Boot is a tall boot that your child will need for
riding lessons. This boot is great for dressage and jumping lessons.


  • For
    comfort, the flattering profile features gussets at the top.

  • The
    “Leather-look” fabric offers the same style as traditional
    riding boots but at a lower price.

  • Dri-Tex
    liner provides superior sweat management for hot weather riding.


  • The
    boot is a bit small so it’s a good idea to order two sizes.

  • They
    aren’t made from real leather, so they won’t last as long. They
    are “all-weather” though.

Smoky Mountain Children’s Monterey Western Cowboy Boots for Kids

Mountain Children’s Monterey Western Cowboy Boots will be a hit with
western-trained children.


  • Accent
    stitching is a classic western style feature that you can find on
    the shaft or toe of this Western-style dress.

  • It
    has a safety heel that prevents the boot’s slippage through the


  • Although
    faux leather is not as durable as real leather, you can use it for

  • You
    may need to order a smaller size if you are concerned about the boot
    running large.

Rocky Kids’ Mid Calf Boot (Kids)

Kids’ Mid Calf Boot is the best boot for your child if they are
learning to horseback ride or just need a good boot to play around at
the ranch.


  • The
    full-grain leather boots feature a rubber sole. This combination is
    both durable and comfortable.

  • A
    6-inch shaft is adequate for riding, but it’s also small enough to
    not restrict play.


  • The
    style is stronger than other children’s riding boots.

  • It
    can be hard to size this boot.

Merrell Captiva Buckle-Down Waterproof Boot (Ladies).

purchasing Espresso Merrell Captivas at random 5 years ago, a friend
shared her story. She has worn them on every western ride she has
taken since.

she loved the comfort and durability of these shoes, she plans to
purchase a second pair.


  • These
    boots have been in use for approximately 2-4 weeks and never showed
    signs of wear.

  • Although
    the heel is not obvious, it allows for safe riding.

  • They
    are waterproof.

  • They
    are extremely comfortable and the soft sole makes for a pleasant
    stroll around the barn.

  • The
    instep zipper makes it easy to put on and take off the shoes.

  • These
    are great for pairing with jeans. They come in black, espresso, and


  • It
    would be a shame to lose the buckle. These are great for spurs.

  • These
    boots are shorter than cowboy boots but longer than paddock boots.
    These boots might not be suitable for tall riders.

  • For
    larger calves, the boots may be too tight.

Ariat Heritage Contour II Field English Boot for ladies

are my top English boots. The Ariat Heritage Contour II Field Boot,
which I have used for over three years, is what I use for dressage
and stadium jumping.


  • Ariat
    boots are the most loved in England. They have both quality and

  • This
    safety heel
    is great for riding and has a great spur stop at its back.

  • These
    are easy to break into and have a zipper at the back for easy

  • With
    proper care, the premium, full-grain leather upper will last forever.

  • The
    gussets at your inner knees make it comfortable, no matter if you’re
    in the saddle.


  • This
    boot is perfect for you and anyone else. If you are 120 lbs and
    5’6″, you can choose the “short” size. If you’re
    shorter than average, the shorts will be your best choice.

  • These
    shoes feature field-style lacing.

  • For
    those who prefer regular Jeans, this boot is not for them. However,
    Jean breeches are a good option!

  • They
    are expensive because of their style and craftsmanship.

Ariat Heritage Breeze Lace Paddock Boot (Ladies)

Heritage Breeze Lace Paddock Boot is a great choice for beginners. It
is also less expensive than most dress boots. They offer greater
comfort during and after your ride.


  • They
    have a safety heel and a pull-strap at the back.

  • These
    shoes have leather upper with washable leather and a rubber sole.

  • The
    boots offer greater flexibility in the saddle, thanks to their ankle


  • You
    might consider adding a sole insert to provide cushioning. They are
    extremely thin.

  • They
    are not waterproof, so you should only wear them indoors in rainy or
    mud seasons.

TuffRider Starter Front Zip Paddock Boot (Ladies)

TuffRider’s Starter Front Zip Paddock Boot for Horse Rookies is an
affordable lesson boot. These boots won’t last as long, but they will
do the job fine if your horse is only occasionally riding.


  • The
    saddle is more flexible with elastic gullets at the sides.

  • They
    are available in black and mocha with a zip front.

  • These
    are more affordable for beginners.

  • They
    are easy to clean.

  • Cons:
  • These
    boots do not have a pull-on back strap.

  • If
    you wear them often at the barn, they won’t last as long as
    better-quality brands.

  • The
    uppers are made of synthetic leather, not full-grain leather.

  • These
    don’t provide much cushion or arch support, so it is a good idea to
    add inserts.

Roper Crossrider Western Boot (Ladies)

Roper Crossrider Western Boot, a short boot for western riders who
like to ride in a shorter boot, is an excellent option for lessons.


  • Roper
    is highly respected in Western circles, so it is a high-quality

  • These
    boots have a timeless western look that works well with either half
    chaps or on their own.

  • The
    forged steel shank provides stability and support.

  • The
    safety heel is ideal for riding and the sole has plenty of traction.


  • The
    sole is thick, but it’s style-wise.

  • They
    don’t have waterproof properties so make sure to get a waterproof

  • They
    run large for sizing.

AdTec Packer Boot (Ladies)

the style is not always the best thing when choosing a riding boot,
the AdTec Packer Boot looks great.


  • This
    super safety heel features a full-grain leather upper with a rubber

  • They
    are more flattering than a bulky work boot.

  • The
    two-tone cherry/black option is my favorite, but they also come with
    solid brown/black.

  • For
    extra comfort, they have an orthotic insole cushion that can be

you don’t like the fringe accent, you can take it out.


  • These
    are heavier than others, so they may not be the best option if you
    plan to do a lot of walking each day.

  • The
    sole or heel has very little traction.

  • The
    heel measures 1.5 inches tall. This is quite prominent visually.

Ariat V Sport Zip Tall Riding Boot for Ladies

Ariat V Sport Zip Tall Riding Boot is for you if you prefer a
sportier look. This boot is unique and has all the essential features
you need for riding.

Dennis, an Equestrian Vlogger, and Horse Trainer, also included this
boot into her Horse Rookie Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide.


  • They
    are extremely comfortable and do not require any “breaking in”

  • These
    shoes have great traction and a safety heel.

  • This
    gorgeous Spanish-style top is in navy and has a snap closure.

  • Easy
    on/off is made possible by the full zip at the back.

  • The
    boot’s elasticized panels allow for a customized fit without the
    need to purchase a custom boot.


  • This
    boot can be a bit more difficult to size for calves, so it is
    advisable to order two sizes and then keep the one that best fits

  • Sometimes,
    the zipper can slip down. There is no leather keeper to keep it in

Ariat Heritage Lacer Cowboy Boot (Gents)

Ariat Heritage Lacer Cowboy Boot for men is a classic western boot
that you can wear around town and use for lessons.


  • They
    are comfortable and durable, thanks to their leather upper and
    rubber sole!

  • Duratread’s
    outsole is durable and flexible. They also feature advanced
    technology that provides additional support and stability.

  • These
    are a great investment because of the Ariat
    craftsmanship and quality


  • The
    back has no pull strap.

  • You
    can use these soles to ride on rough terrain (e.g. For example,
    forestry work!)

  • It
    can take some time to get used to them, so make sure you wear them
    around for a while before your first lesson.


addition to the list above, there’s a classic cowboy boot called
The Laredo Breakout Western Boot. Because of its timeless design, it
is a great option and one of my favorite men’s boots.

shoes have a synthetic sole and leather upper for comfort and
durability. Pair it with a classic design that you can wear to

accent stitching at the shaft and toe is a great touch. It’s subtle,
but it adds western flair. You can keep your feet cool with the
breathable mesh lining.

only problem is that they don’t have insulation, so you will need
something warmer if you ride in winter. These are small/narrow in
size, so it is a good idea to order two sizes, and then return the
one that does not fit.

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