Handmade Work Boots

Handmade Work Boots - Combat Boots Used As Work Boots

I remember years ago when I was in the military about ready to leave on a deployment overseas and my grandfather who had served in the Army had one thing to say to me. He said “take care of your feet!”. Something I remember to this day. It was also something I actually listened to, so I went out and bought a special pair of combat boots that cost a little more than my standard issued boots. I don’t care if you are in the military or working out on the job site, a pair of handmade work boots can make all the difference in the world!

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The Foot, The Real Backbone Of Your Body!

This may sound a little weird, but you might not realize how much you rely on your feet every single day. I’m not talking about the desk jockeys that spend most of the day sitting behind a desk. I’m talking about the blue collar man or women that is out on the job site or in an area they have to have something more on there foot than the polished wing tip or pair of high heels. I don’t know if you have ever had a foot injury, but if so, you know you could be knocked out of commission for quite some time. Foot injuries can also affect your knees and other parts and of your legs. And of course, don’t forget your back. One of the biggest culprits to a sore and injured back is your footwear. Your feet are so important to your work day, do you really want to protect them by using sub-standard footwear?

Work Or Play, Work Boots Are Here To Stay

Handmade Work Boots - Men's Fashion Work Boots

Work boots, there not just for work anymore! With the ever-changing fashion industry in a constant swing of what to wear or not to wear, work boots have always been a staple of some people whether at work or not. I recently watched a series on Netflix called The Wire. Almost every single character on there that wasn’t a cop was wearing work boots. No, they weren’t on a job site. This choice in footwear was a fashion choice. I remember way back in the day in high school I was constantly wearing a pair of Doc Martens. To be honest, I considered them hiking boots back then, but now come to think of it, I think they were work boots. They definitely give you the feeling of being “A manly man” or something to that affect. To come to think of it, nothing is more comfortable than wearing your favorite t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of boots. Gives you a rugged look and a little of confidence come to think of it. You know they will always be a must on the job site and I don’t think they will go out of style in your fashion repertoire anytime soon.

Your Boots Will Last Longer

Do I really think a pair of handmade work boots will last longer than a pair that was made by machines in the factory? Not only do I, I also think there are several reasons for this. First is the obvious reason. I think handmade products are made better. When an artisan is making something by hand, if he makes a mistake, he can usually recognize that he has made a mistake and correct it. A machine just keeps on going and you have to hope that someone at the end of the assembly line can catch it as hundreds of products or going by them on a conveyer belt. Good luck with that. There is also the “pride” factor. Someone that makes handmade items is basically putting there name on this product. If that isn’t an incentive for them to put out the highest quality of work, then I don’t know what is. My last reason actually has to do with the consumer and not craftsman. You want to protect it. You more than likely paid a little more for it because it was handmade. Probably without even knowing it, you will take better care of it. I don’t think we can help it. It’s built into our psyche.

The Benefit Of Buying Handmade

  • Handmade work boots are green. No, not literally (unless of course
    you want green boots). Creating a pair of handmade work boots means it
    takes allot less energy to create them than an assembly line. It also
    means they were not created overseas which means they don’t have to be
    shipped a long distance to reach you. Environmentally friendly is a huge
    benefit you probably didn’t even think of.
  • Handmade boots
    create jobs! Yeah, that’s right. Their not only great for wearing on
    the job, they also create jobs. By buying handmade items, you direct
    the flow of money to local businesses which intern creates local jobs
    and boosting the local economy.
  • Your handmade boots are
    worth more. Studies have shown if a consumer believes that a product
    contains an “air of authenticity”, they believe the item is worth more.
    For example, if you have two jars of jam sitting on the counter and one
    was bought at your local grocery store and one was made by the little
    old granny next door, people would tend to pay more for the jam by the
    little old granny. It actually makes sense.
  • Handmade products
    are “hands down”, usually just better! This is a no brainer. Study
    after study shows a person (consumer) almost will always choose handmade
    over machine made.
  • One of a kind or uniqueness is the name of
    the game. People love to have something unique that doesn’t conform to
    everyone else. Being handmade means there are fewer of those items and
    that makes you just a little more unique than the person next to

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Its Time To Go Handmade

Handmade Work Boots - A Typical Pair of Fashionable Work Boots

Whether they are combat boots, work boots, flip-flops or cupcakes, I think we have shown that handmade products definitely outweigh your typical run-of-the-mill conveyer belt type of product. Whether you are buying them for health benefits, wanting them to wear with your favorite pair of jeans, or want them to last longer than your chewing gum, you can’t beat a pair of handmade work boots. So don’t worry about that extra dollar or two when you purchase a pair from an artisan that has put his blood, sweat, and tears into quality craftsmanship that will pay for itself over and over. Go grab a pair of your new favorite boots today.

Handmade Work Boots

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