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Exotic Cowboy Boots

When I hear someone mention cowboy boots, 2 images usually come to mind. The first is a pair of those swinging saloon doors opening with a dusty cowboy walking in with a dull brown faded pair of dusty boots he was wearing out on the trail. You know the ones. Garden variety cowhide boots that don’t really get a second look. The other image is a shiny pair of exotic cowboy boots worn by some slick due walking up to a black jack table in Vegas throwing around money like its cool. Lol, that’s big difference I know, but that’s what comes to mind. I may need a psychologist, I don’t know.

Video of Different Exotic Skin Cowboy Boots

Today I am going to talk about the latter. There are many types of exotic cowboy boots and I’m gonna list some here along with some links so you can see a bunch of them. I wanted to go through about 6 or 7 different exotic leathers that can be turned into cowboy boots and some key features on what makes them unique and prized by many cowboy boot connoisseurs.

Due to many peoples demand for a more decorative and higher end cowboy boot, this led manufacturers to use a wide range of exotic skins along with the traditional cow leather in their boot lines. These high-end boots still retain the classic look but with a refined touch. Many different exotic skins such as ostrich, alligator, hippo, lizard, snake, buffalo, and kangaroo are combined with traditional leathers for a unique look that is sure to grab the attention of anyone in the room. Along with these exotic skins, expert craftsmanship, and the implementation of more ornate designs, these exotic skin cowboy boots has a look that’s a cut above the rest!

Alligator, Caiman & Crocodile Oh My! 3 Exotic Skins With Similar Looks But…

Exotic Cowboy Boots - BLACK JACK AMERICAN ALLIGATOR BOOTSClick Image To See More Info On Black Jack Tan American Alligator Exotic Cowboy Boots

When I say similar looks, I am talking about the overall look at the animal, but there are some noticeable differences in the skin between the 3 as well. Hopefully here is some information that can help you decide on which one of these exotic dinosaur boots you would like to have.

All three being exotic skins, alligator is probably the most well-known out of the 3. A couple of the key features with alligator skin is that its very supple and it takes dye very well. That is why you see some great alligator skin boots that have amazing color to them. Alligators also can get very large which means the boot maker can make a tall boot from one skin and doesn’t have to stitch multiple skins together.

Click here for All exotic alligator cowboy boots

A pair of Lucchese Men’s Antique Italian Red Giant Alligator Cowboy Boots uses skin from giant gators that gives these boots an aggressive look with their large scale pattern. They are called “The muscle cars” of exotic skin cowboy boots! A beautiful red giant alligator vamp looks great complimented with a 12″ dark leather shaft and beautifully ornate “Red River” shaft cording. They also feature the Lucchese French toe which is exclusive to Lucchese classic handmade cowboy boots. Designed exclusively for Pinto Ranch, this is the only place you can get these beauties.

Lucchese American Alligator Boots - Three views of Lucchese cowboy bootsClick Image To View These Alligator Cowboy Boots & Get More Info

Do you know The Lucchese classics? What makes these boots stand apart from other cowboy boots. From other pairs of Lucchese boots for that matter? First, these boots are the exact design that Sam Lucchese used to create what we know as cowboy boots today. Back in the day, Sam Lucchese believed in well-made boots made from leather, without additives or substitutions. Pinto Ranch carries on that tradition today and has teamed up with legendary bootmakers such as Lucchese to have exclusive designs that are only available at Pinto Ranch. You really need to check them out because you won’t find a better pair of handmade alligator cowboy boots anywhere!

Caiman skins look a lot like alligator, but much smaller. Caiman is less supple than gator and does’t take dye as well so it may has an “uneven” look. Caiman has a small calcium rivet in the middle of each scale which accentuates the pattern. This can be a positive or negative thing, it just depends on your taste. Caiman leather also has small creases in it which gives it a kind of distressed look. A look that I kind of look in a lot of products. You’ll have to be the judge.

Click here for All exotic caiman skin cowboy boots

Crocodile skin and alligator, which is which? A pair of exotic cowboy boots made from either of these is hard to tell apart. Even experts has a tough time. Crocodile is just as soft and supple and take dye very well. One of the few ways to tell is to look for pores. Gator skin boots won’t have anywhere as all crocodiles have one sensitive hair in each scale which is removed during the tanning process and it leaves behind one barely visible pore. You may not even be able to see it.

Click here for All exotic crocodile cowboy boots

Softness, pattern, and price are the three primary considerations when purchasing exotic skin boots. Both alligators and crocodiles have larger rounded square scales on their bellies. The skin of the belly is the softest skin of them all. Sometimes you will find boots made from the tail. Now that you know what to look for – enjoy the hunt!

Something Smells Fishy, But It’s Not These Exotic Pirarucu Boots

Exotic Cowboy Boots - Pirarucu BootsClick Image To See More Info On Black Jack Black Inverted Pirarucu Exotic Cowboy Boots

The whole idea of having a pair of footwear made out of fish skin may sound I don’t know, what would you call it, EXOTIC! I would say “Now these aren’t your granddads fish skin boots”, but I doubt he had a pair. These aren’t your common goldfish or colorful saltwater tank fish you see in someones aquarium. This fish is a beast!

Click here for All exotic fish cowboy boots

Also known as the Arapaima, this freshwater fish located in the Amazon has very large scales. Practically prehistoric looking, unexpectedly the flexibility and softness of this skin makes it very distinctive and a unique and sought after exotic cowboy boot. It’s a one of a kind look and anyone familiar with exotic skins will spot this boot a mile away.

You Won’t Want To Stick Your Head In The Sand With A Pair Of Exotic Ostrich boots

Exotic Cowboy Boots - TONY LAMA DARK NICOTINE NILE BELLY OSTRICH ROPERSClick Image To See More Info On Tony Lama Nile Crocodile and Ostrich Belly Exotic Cowboy Boots

Definitely a fan favorite of the exotic boot world, you won’t has a problem finding a pair of ostrich skin boots that you like. You should have options up the wazoo then it comes to these boots. From Ropers, to different colors to different toe types, there are a lot of options and there is a reason for that. They are very popular. When choosing a boot, you have 2 main options when it comes to ostrich leather.

Click here for All exotic ostrich cowboy boots

Smooth or full quill cowboy boots. The full quill are the bumps in the leather where the feather was pulled out. It has a unique and distinctive look and you just won’t find it in any other exotic cowboy boot. This leather is taken from the main part of the bird where the feathers are of course.

Smooth skin ostrich boots are obviously what they say, smooth. They don’t have the quill bumps because they either come from the next or the legs. They also have their own distinctive pattern and can be mistaken for reptilian skin.

People have come to love ostrich leather because of its durability not to mention ostrich leather is very soft. Another key feature is its breathability and it contains natural oils that help it resists drying out and cracking.

You’ll Never Forget Your First Pair Of Exotic Elephant Boots

Exotic Cowboy Boots - Elephant Skin Boots Granite SafariClick Image To See More Info On Rios Of Mercedes Granite Elephant Exotic Cowboy Boots

Definitely a very controversial topic is the use of elephant skin in exotic cowboy boots or any type of product for that matter. The elephant skin boots listed here are all from Rios Of Mercedes and are not Asian elephants. That’s a big deal because Asian elephants are endangered. The elephants for these boots are taken legally, but they do has a lot of critics not liking any elephant taken.

Proponents claim the animals are taken legally and in many instances are helping the overall population because there are such things as “troubled elephants” that go on rampages and cause serious injury to other elephants, humans, and property. A lot of times these are the elephants that are taken and they aren’t being wasted such as elephants that used to be taken just for their ivory. Either way, this is a decision you must take for yourself, just note that Rios Of Mercedes is a quality boot and does everything on the up and up.

Click here for All exotic elephant skin cowboy boots

Elephant skin is great for a cowboy boot because it is very tough. Elephant skin is also tanned in pieces, so each piece has its own distinct grain to it. It’s a very popular leather and is fairly available due to the regulations put forth by the African government not wasting the meat or hides of those animals taken to help in the population control. Another great characteristic is the skin is scuff resistant which makes a great pair of exotic cowboy boots. You will want to regularly clean and condition this leather since it is rather dry.

There are a lot of exotic skins that I didn’t mention above, but if you are looking for something else, here is a link that will take you to other exotics such as hippo, kangaroo, snake, elk, and carpincho boots by Rios of Mercedes. Of course, there are your traditional boots at Pinto also comprised of Buffalo, calf, cowhide, goat and lamb. Practically a Noah’s Ark of cowboy boots to choose from.

Dangerous Land Mammal But A Exotically Beautiful Boot

Exotic Cowboy Boots - Lucchese Hippo RopersClick Image To See More Info On Lucchese Roper Chocolate Hippo Exotic Cowboy Boot

Hippos are known as the world’s deadliest large land mammal. Hippos are not endangered, but vulnerable to extinction due to poaching and habitat loss. But thanks to stricter law enforcement, the population has since plateaued in most cases hippos are taken in the same way elephants are. So this is another instance where you have to use your own judgment if you want a pair of exotic hippo boots.

Click here for All exotic hippopotamus skin cowboy boots

Hippo leather is absolutely beautiful in appearance. It has a suede like finish and a striated appearance. hippopotamus leather is also very soft and velvety to the touch. Flexible, durable and very comfortable are characteristics that makes hippopotamus leather very sought after. Each pair of exotic cowboy boots made from hippo holds a story because of the many scars’ hippo skin holds from battles throughout its life.

*Side Note, these are exotic skins that occur naturally. They are not handmade so each and every skin will has a personal and unique look. When you see a picture of a pair of these boots it will pretty much be identical, but the pattern may slightly vary (in a good way). I mean uniqueness usually demands a higher price. We look for this quality in products every day.

Exotic Cowboy Boots – Beautiful, Affordable, Game Changers!

Well as you can see, these are some beautiful cowboy boots. No matter which type of exotic skin boots you decide upon, i.e. alligator, fish skin, ostrich, or another type, I’m sure you will love them! You will definitely be in for an adventure because they sure will get you a ton of attention.

Exotic Cowboy Boots - John Travolta
John Travolta wearing exotic cowboy boots

Cowboy boots have come a long way since the day of rounding up a herd of cattle on the open trail. Exotic skin cowboy boots have definitely made their impact not only on stage and screen, but in everyday life with the average person. Not only will you feel a little special, but also look pretty damn good! They are definitely a fashion statement and I really don’t think everyone is meant to wear them. But I think if you have the desire in your heart to wear a pair of these beautiful boots, I’m sure you will love every step that you take in them.

If you have any questions or would like to see another type of exotic skin cowboy boots, please let us know below. We will try our best to add it here or we will write a separate post on the subject. I hope some of this info helped yo out and also I hope it helps you find your next favorite pair of exotic cowboy boots!

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