Handmade Roper Cowboy Boots for Men

Roper Cowboy Boots For Men

Recently, I was searching for a pair of cowboy boots online, I came across a beautiful pair of roper cowboy boots for men that really caught my eye. I’ve been wanting a new pair of ropers for awhile so I’m really glad I found these beauties.  After browsing around the site, I stumbled on many pairs that I wouldn’t mind having.

If you don’t have a pair of roper cowboy boots or really don’t know what they are, don’t worry, I’m here to help.  The main difference between a pair of ropers and a pair of traditional cowboy boots is the shaft of the boot. The shaft on the roper is much shorter and ends before it reaches the middle of the calf.  It also has it’s own “roper” heel shaped to the sole of the boot and really never exceeds an inch high. Roper cowboy boots usually have a rounded toe, but with the ever changing look of western boots, you can find square toed ropers as well.

These Ropers just last and last and look great!

Browsing through Pintoranch searching for the perfect pair of ropers, I came across a really nice pair of boots that really caught my eye and I just had to get them.

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The first thing I noticed about these boots was the rich mocha bison leather chord pattern that overlays the pony brown color pull straps. They are roper toe, roper heel with about a 1’ heel height and about a 10″ shaft height; just a beautiful boot all around.

The Lucchese Executive Mocha Bison Roper Cowboy Boots For Men

Roper Cowboy Boots For Men - Lucchese Mocha Bison Ropers
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  • Handmade Bison Roper Boots
  • Rich Mocha and Pony Brown Color
  • Chairman Cord Pattern
  • Overlay French Pull Straps
  • 10″ Roper Shaft
  • Roper Heel
  • Roper Toe
  • Handmade in El Paso, Texas

This is the iconic roper cowboy boot. Would you expect any less from Lucchese classics? Understated, elegant, and worth every cent and more, this is the kind of boot that defines a man.

Men’s Roper Cowboy Boots – Choices & More Choices

I didn’t want to purchase the first pair that caught my eye, so I continued looking. The next pair of ropers that caught my attention were the Blackjack Caiman Belly Boots. These boots were rich chocolate brown leather simple cord with caiman belly overlays finished off with a simple stitch pattern towards the top of the shaft.


Roper Cowboy Boots For Men - Black Jack Caiman
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  • Chocolate Select Caiman Belly Roper Boots
  • Roper Cord and Stitch Pattern along Tops
  • Roper Toe and 1″ Roper Heel
  • Overlays on Pull Straps
  • Handmade in El Paso, Texas

A classic roper style can do no wrong. In rich chocolate brown, the boots feature pull straps with caiman belly overlays and a classic Roper cord and stitch pattern at the top of the shaft. Made in El Paso, Texas and you can’t find them anywhere else.  This is a pair of roper cowboy boots made exclusively for Pinto Ranch. Get them while they’re hot!

With A Great Pair Of Ropers Comes Great Responsibility

So then I was stuck to make a decision about which of the two I should buy… So what I decided to do was sleep on it. Usually when I make instantaneous decisions, I usually end up making the wrong decisions… So that’s what I did. I woke up around 8am, started making coffee, took a shower started my day.

While enjoying my coffee, I felt this was the perfect time to decide which boot I’d choose out of the two that I was considering the night before. Did I want the first pair I saw which were the Lucchese’s with the rich mocha bison leather boots or did I want the Caiman Belly with the rich chocolate brown leather with the caiman belly overlay. I was stumped.

Then, after a few minutes, I started thinking of another possibility. I’ve always considered the western rustic look as a nice look for boots, so I started browsing. Scrolling and scrolling trying to find the right pair of boots I decided to search for it directly. So, I searched for the key word itself. “Men’s Western Cowboy Boots” and Pinto Ranch came back up again. So, then I went back onto PintoRanch.com and triple checked to make sure I didn’t miss any of their other boots. AND THEN…. I found them!!

The Lucchese Chocolate Caiman Roper Cowboy Boots.

Roper Cowboy Boots For Men - Lucchese Chocolate Caiman
Click on Image to see these Roper Cowboy Boots & Info
  • Belly Caiman Vamp
  • Calfskin Shaft
  • Chairman Corded and Stitched Design
  • Comfortable 1″ Roper Heel
  • Handmade in El Paso, Texas

These boots are AMAZING!!! These chocolate roper cowboy boots are made of caiman crocodile belly with a calfskin shaft. There are stitched designs on the collar, and Caiman Overlays on the Kennedy Pull Straps.

I was in love with these boots, I had to have them! I go and look at the price and they are $1,650. I couldn’t believe it!! Nearly $1700 dollars for a pair of roper cowboy boots….ahhh…but maybe they’re worth it… I mean they are handmade and they are Lucchese.  Knowing this, I know they will last well over 10 years and maybe even 20 and that is with regular wear

Roper Cowboy Boots For Men - Assorted Roper Boots
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When The Pros Outweigh The Cons, It’s An Easy Choice

Thinking in my head endlessly of the pros and cons of the expensive purchase. So the cons are they’re $1,650 dollars which is expensive for a pair of cowboy boots, and the pros, the boots seem really comfortable, they’re one of the most beautiful pair of roper boots I’ve seen, and to top it off… it comes with a 1 year warranty and there’s free shipping.

So, I decided the pros outweighed the cons and I purchased the boots. I couldn’t resist them. As the days started to get closer to the 5th day I started to rethink about things. One of my main concerns was that I wasn’t able to try the boots on before buying them. Typically, I wear an 11.5 but with these I wanted to get a little bigger just in case, so I went with a 12. So, I’m praying they’re the right fit.

A New Pair Of Ropers, Its Like Christmas Morning

Roper Cowboy Boots For Men - Getting a new pair of Men's Roper Cowboy Boots for Christmas!FINALLY, THEY CAME… I was so excited… I opened the box and there they were! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh brand-new leather. I pulled them out of the box, slipped each foot into the boots stood up and I felt like a million bucks! I can’t even begin to explain to you how comfortable these boots are. I’ve never worn a more comfortable boot in my life! I started walking around in them and they were a perfect fit. I think it was a good idea I got 12, they weren’t too loose, weren’t too tight, just a perfect fit.

Although the boots are a little pricey, I would say I’m happy about my purchase and I think I handled the decision process well on determining which pair of boots I should purchase. If I had to choose between the other two before I would have most likely chosen, the Lucchese Men’s Executive Mocha Bison Roper Boots.

For all people debating on where to get boots for men or women, I suggest going to Pintoranch. It can be exciting and stressful determining the boots to order, but If I were to suggest advice I would say don’t rush into picking one, look around at your options, sleep on it if you have to, but patience is a virtue and i’m happy I found my perfect pair of Roper cowboy boots.

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  1. i am glad i got to read this article. no one can help but love these lucchese men executive mocha bison roper boots. the texture is mind blowing and the color selection is incredible. i am definitely getting one of this fr my self. i would like to share this article with some of my friends

  2. Hi! What a lovely article you wrote about real boots – those lucchese’s chocolate caiman boots are awesome, but wow the price is a bit high. To be honest I never own any boots nor did I thought about having a pair as well- but I think, watching boots in your article I believe I could pull it off, why not? Your site is very beautiful,honestly!


    Pimoz P.

  3. Loved the boot purchase sequence because I so relate to it! I have always struggled to make a purchase decision especially when it came to expensive boots and am happy to note that there are others like me! 🙂 I also love to have them custom made. During a recent trip to Vietnam, I got a pair of boots made to perfection and am absolutely loving them. They were costly but well worth the investment!


  4. My husband birthday is coming up and he loves cowboy boots. I am glad I found your site. The Lucchese Men’s Chocolate Ultra Caiman Crocodile Boots have a really nice color and the material looks amazing. They look like they will last a long time if he takes good care of them. I might settle for this pair but first I have to go to Pinto Ranch site first. Thank you for your review!

  5. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Hello there! Thanks for reviewing this boot, I admire the fact that this ropers also have a shaft that rests slightly above your ankle. In regards to its toe shape, a majority of roper boots feature a round toe shape as well as a flexible sole that guarantees an extremely comfortable fit. I love it!

  6. The funny thing is I’m born in Calgary and spent my entire life in the city. Our city is famous for its Stampede festival every year and I would go have some fun. Yet, I’ve never got myself a pair of cowboy boots or even jeans. I’m always somewhat of an odd one going to the Stampede every year in sweatpants and runners. I might get some boots but I’ve always heard that they’re uncomfortable. Do you have any recommendations for comfortable cowboy boots?

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