Buffalo Boots Men – American Buffalo Lives In These Boots

Hey everyone, Tom here, and I wanted to talk to you about just one gorgeous boot in this article. Buffalo boots men as a lot of people search for it online or men’s buffalo leather boots so to speak. This isn’t so much a review and I’m not gonna pepper the article with five or six different boots. I just wanted to talk about one boot by Lucchese, the world renowned handcrafted boot maker.

There are a couple reasons I picked this one boot. First of all, its 100% exactly what I’m looking for in a boot when it comes to looks. It is definitely the style I go for. Not to flashy but at the same time, its absolutely exquisite in detail when it comes to color, stitching, and I even love the roper toe.


Buffalo Boots Men - Lucchese Cowboy Boots

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Price: $750
Skin: Baby Buffalo
Color: Whiskey
Details: Stitched Toe Bug on Vamp, Stitched Designs on Pulls and Shaft
Toe type: Roper
Heel type: Lucchese ‘9’ Heel
Outsole: Leather
Insole: Leather
Heel height: 1″
Shaft Height: 12″
Manufactured: El Paso, Texas

Another thing I love is that its made from baby buffalo leather, something you don’t find very often.

And last but not least, This is one of the most popular boots that have been purchased over at Pinto Ranch. Out of all the Lucchese boots offered there, this has the most reviews and they are all five stars. People can’t say enough about them and I wanted you to get a little taste of what they are saying, but I will get to that in a bit.

Let’s Talk About The Boot Itself

These baby buffalo ropers are absolutely stunning to the eye and have a beautiful whiskey color that is perfectly burnished consistently throughout the entire boot. It’s also super soft to the touch just like your favorite ring-spun cotton t-shirt. It also stands out because it has a 12-inch shaft where most ropers have a 10 inch shaft.

This stitching is subtle, but also pretty artistic at the same time. It has great flow and really doesn’t stick out that much and steal all the attention from the beautiful burnished whiskey color that I mentioned above. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can get them in black also!

Buffalo Boots Men - American Buffalo
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What’s All This Talk About Lucchese?

First off, let me start off by saying that Lucchese has been making handcrafted cowboy boots in El Paso, Texas since 1883. You can read about them here if you would like: Lucchese Cowboy Boots

Check out our Lucchese boot review!

That will definitely give you a brief rundown on the History of these historic boot makers and will give you an appreciation for the amazing boots they make. Tradition, quality, attention to detail and just plain kick butt craftsmanship goes into every pair of cowboy boots that they make. That’s why they have been worn by presidents, movie stars and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger has a huge collection of Lucchese boots.

What Are People Saying About Lucchese Buffalo Boots?

I just wanted to add a couple of the reviews here that you can easily find over at the Pinto website. These boots are basically the “cat’s meow”. Not a single bad word about them.

One of the most beautiful ropers I’ve ever seen in my life : Review by David on 8 May 2018

One of the most beautiful ropers I’ve ever seen in my life. Went to visit the good folks at the Houston store. Tried several Lucchese ropers and was undecided about the style and color… until this baby was presented to me. I got the pair without hesitation. It is one gorgeous boot. Very happy with the purchase.

Wonderful products, even better service Review by M F. on 7 Mar 2018

Wonderful products, even better service recently ordered 2 beautiful pairs of Lucchese boots – thought one of them would put my 3 month search to an end. When they arrived they were even more beautiful in person, but unfortunately neither pair fit as I’d hoped. A quick call to Pinto Ranch procured a return label – no questions asked – but it sure was hard to let go of the boots! The search continues– hopefully it will end at Pinto Ranch, as it should. They are truly wonderful to do business with and I’d be proud to wear the PR experience.

This is just a couple of the reviews and even though one of them didn’t get a good fit, as you will find out, Pinto takes care of you if there is a problem. There are a lot more reviews over there and they all say the same thing. Beautiful boot and a wonderful shopping experience!

Lucchese Boots Men - Check  Out All Great Cowboy Boots and Western Wear Here

Shopping For Boots Online Pros And Cons

If you are familiar with any of our articles about buying boots at Pinto, you have probably already seen what we have said about that. For one thing, there really isn’t a “con” to speak of. I mean yeah, maybe you don’t know if you are gonna get the right fit because you’ve never tried on a pair of cowboy boots and you just aren’t sure. Trust me, I feel ya. But it won’t cost you any money if that’s the case. They will take back any returns or exchanges and they will foot the bill for the shipping. If its a tad bit too small, they will send you the return label free of charge and send you a larger size or completely refund your money. You get to do this all from the comfort of your home or wherever you might be at the time. It’s a win win situation and I don’t know of a better deal anywhere.

What Are You Waiting For?

Seriously, what? You should have clicked on one of the above images and headed over there to look at this boot a little more closely. They are made from the best materials out there and of course Lucchese quality is second to none.

Another great thing about this boot is its dressy enough for a night out on the town, but also looks amazing in jeans. This is my go to boot and probably my favorite boot of all time.

If you got any more questions about this beautiful baby buffalo boot or any other boot for that matter, give me a shout below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to ya.

Buffalo Boots Men – American Buffalo Lives In These Boots

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