Wearing Cowboy Boots Without Socks – Are You Serious

You know, I can’t even believe I did some research on this, but there seems to be kind of a “thing” about wearing cowboy boots without socks. Who in the heck does this and why? I guess in a way I posted a question, can you wear cowboy boots without socks? If you don’t, I have some serious questions for you!

I guess the answer to that question would be yes, but why would you? I really have no desire to stick my dogs in there and find out how it feels. I’m gonna totally rely on what I find online for this one, but I feel like it’s not gonna be positive. When it comes down to it, like everything else in life, it’s your choice. If you don’t want to wear socks, knock yourself out.

Why Would You Wear Boots Without Socks

This right here is the main question in my opinion if you ask me. Now I know when girls are wearing cowboy boots with say a skirt or dress, it appears that they don’t have socks on. This just isn’t so. The boot shaft is usually pretty high and extends way beyond the sock. I actually have often wondered if this is uncomfortable because it looks like the shaft would rub and chafe your shin. Does this happen at all? If so please comment at the end of this post because I’m curious as hell!

Now there are only 2 reasons I can think of for not wearing socks with a pair of boots. The first is the one that I’m a little concerned about. For some reason “you like it”. The second reason is because somehow you are out and about and you lost your socks. Maybe at a friends house or a hotel room or something. How could this happen you say? Come on, I’m sure you have seen crazier things happen. If you haven’t, move to Florida and you soon will.

To be truthful, I had a friend crash on my couch one night. He took his cowboy boots off and for some reason his socks. When he got up in the morning to leave, one of his socks was missing. I think he spent all of about thirty seconds looking for it. He couldn’t find it so he put one sock on and then both boots. Walked right out of the house wearing cowboy boots and barefoot in one of them. Of course, he accused me of taking it, but what would I want with just one sock? I wold of taken both of them!

That’s pretty much it though on my personnel experience in not wearing socks with cowboy boots. I’ve worn boat shoes without socks as to be expected. Even worn running shoes without them, but that’s completely different. If you have any stories about this, please leave them in the comments below.

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Someone Asked, Won’t Your Feet Stink?

You might look at the title to this paragraph and say, “that’s a good question!”. In my opinion, not really. To me it’s an obvious question. Now maybe this depends on the person, but with me, there isn’t gonna be much of a question. If my bare feet are in there over 30 seconds, there’s gonna be some trouble brewing! Hot and sweaty with no air flow is a recipe Martha Stewart wouldn’t touch. When I was a teenager going through puberty, my feet were absolutely horrendous. That statement is not even an exaggeration. I walked into my aunt and uncles house one night to visit my cousin. Made sure I was super quiet and I took off my shoes by the front door. A couple minutes later my aunt starts screaming from her bedroom on the second floor. Couldn’t mistake the words “Tommy wash your feet!”. No kidding, that actually happened and that was wearing socks in a pair of sneakers. I can’t even imagine if I had been going bareback in a pair of cowboy boots!

Today my feet have calmed down from the time I was 15, but I’m not gonna tempt fate. As I said earlier, I guess it all depends on the person. I have a rule at my house though which is you have to take off your footwear at the front door. If you aren’t wearing socks with your boots, you most likely won’t be invited over! I really don’t want to open up Pandora’s boot and find out.

Isn’t It Uncomfortable Not Wearing Socks With Boots?

I guess the comfort question is actually more important to me than the stink issue. I mean in most cases and situation it would be. From the get go, cowboy boots just don’t even look very comfortable (as far as not wearing socks goes). Throw in no socks and that’s strike 2 maybe even 3. I feel like I would have at least 2 or 3 blisters on each foot. I know any decent cowboy boot is made out of some sort of leather just like boat shoes, but come on. There’s no way they could remotely be close to feeling the same. If you are home right now, do me a favor and pull off your socks and walk around in a pair of boots. Please let me know below what that feels like. Are you gonna want to walk around like that for any extended period of time? I seriously doubt it.

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What Are Some Of The Best Socks To Wear With Cowboy Boots?

I figured after all of this craziness about not wearing socks in your favorite pair of boots, I had to mention a solution to this problem and that of course is a pair of socks. Yeah, I know, what a big surprise! If you are like the 99.99999% of the population that does wear socks with boots, then I recommend the best.

For the guys, I recommend the Thorlo western dress socks. You can get them in white or black and they are specifically made to wear with western wear such as cowboy boots. It has a spandex top which keeps the sock to stay in place all day and not slide down your leg.

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For the ladies , you actually have more choices if you ask me and a whole lot of cool boot designs to choose from. Double D Ranch and FBF have some socks that I’m sure you will find super cute! they all have different designs on them ranging from horses, saddles, guitars, etc on them. One pair the entire socks looks like a horse head and if by far my favorite. The link goes to Pinto Ranch. They are known specifically for their amazing cowboy boots and their customer service. Now their socks might be worth mentioning also. All of these socks are specifically made for western wear and I’m sure you are gonna love them!

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The Verdict Is Out – The Winner, Socks By A Mile

Yeah, without ever had wearing cowboy boots without socks, I’m making the call! I kind of feel like this has been having a person on trial and finding them guilty without any hard evidence. But guess what, I’m okay with that!

Once again, this is an opinion piece, but please do me a favor. If you are one of those unusual people that go barefoot in boots, please let me know below. I want to know the whole story. Who, why, when, what it feels like, etc… Inquiring minds want to know.

Normally at the end of a post I saw something like “I hope we’ve helped you find your new favorite pair of cowboy boots!”. Since this really isn’t a review or helpful info on finding cowboy boots, I guess we will change it up a little. I hope we’ve helped you find your new favorite pair of socks!

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