What are the Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots? Name Brands That You’ll Love Wearing

I may have inadvertently committed a “cowboy boot faux pas” by no fault of my own several years ago and I kind of want to talk about it today in this article. A couple years ago I accidentally wore my roommates cowboy boots out of the house, and man,
were they comfortable! I know what you’re thinking, how could you confuse someone else s boots with your own?. Well to make a long story short, I had to
rush out of my house the other day to attend to a friend’s pet emergency. My mind was going more than 60 miles
per hour but what I distinctly remember about the incident is that my
roommates cowboy boots felt a lot more comfortable than mine have ever been. I really wasn’t gonna tell him about it, but I had to ask if this was normal with all his boots or if he had done something special with this pair?

After talking with him for a bit, it seemed that most of his boots had one thing in common and that was the price. At least that is what I took out of the conversation. These weren’t a $100 pair of boots like the type I wear, but all of his boots were at least in the mid range in price or higher. So I basically spent a good deal of time thinking What are the most comfortable cowboy boots? Does brand and price have anything to do with comfort and if so, what brands in particular are comfortable. I had never really given it much thought because I just assumed they were all practically the same, but I really wanted to try several brands and see if I could tell a difference. I started with several pairs of my roommates and continued on from there.

One thing that most of the name brand boots I talk of have in common are top quality materials. That not only helps make a comfortable boot, but a durable boot as well. Just something I noticed and wanted to share with you.

The Ultimate Measure of Comfort

Today, top brand names understand that their customers need cowboy boots for a wide variety of activities, events and social functions. That is why their product line up consists of boots that are handcrafted to not only look good but also to be durable and comfortable.

My wife is the ideal cowboy boot customer because she has cowboy boots for every event or occasion. Her boot collection is absolutely amazing, but she always wants another pair. She has pairs that are only worn once a year, dancing boots, horse riding boots, wedding boots, rain boots, vacation boots, office boots, snow boots, shopping boots, house boots, and the list goes on and on. Lol, I may have exaggerated on several of those, but you get the gist. Today I have 3-4 pair, maybe 6, but not even close to her collection and I’m fine with that. The difference these days are the brands that I buy because once you wear a top brand name, you’ll never want a lesser pair.

I think that says a lot about my boots because they are comfy enough to be worn every day of the year. This does not mean that the mountain of cowgirl boots littered around our home is not comfortable. They are snugly, but my wife appreciates fashion and different brands offer unique styles to choose from. The ultimate
measure of comfort boils down to how the cowboy boot fits your feet. It is recommended that when selecting from any brand, try the boot on and walk around to discover whether they are what you needed.

The Top Name Brands “Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots”

I’m going to list several brands here, but I can’t name them all. If you want to browse some great brands like Stallion, Old Gringo, Tony Lama, Stetson, Black Jack boots and many others I would advise you to head over to Pinto Ranch and look at their selection. All of their boots are top quality. Half of the boots I own are from there and they have a hassle free boot return / exchange policy that won’t cost you a penny. I guarantee that you will find the most comfortable boots you have ever worn there and they are all at one location.

Ariat International

This boot company has been around since ’93, and they are known for cowboy boots used by equestrian athletes. They make boots for children, women, men, and apart from riding boots, you’ll find collections for special occasions and much more. Ariat Western Cowboy Boot is crafted from genuine cowhide, and it is one of the most durable collections on the market. Whether you’re an office person or a rancher, Ariat has got the exact boot collection to fit your lifestyle.

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot

The Ariat FatBaby Western Boot is for a woman who loves her feet to spend time in a comfortable shoe. This is because it contains four layers of foot bed that’s soft and 4LR foot support technology to provide premium cushioning. The toe is round, which means you can walk the whole day in them. The boots are designed with tabs for effortless wearing.

There are four colors and designs to choose from: black deer tan, brown rebel, cowgirl caramel or bluebird, and a gorgeous shimmer turquoise or distressed brown. As eye candy are the designs are, the boots make for perfect gifts because the wearer can rock them on any occasion. You can find the boots here.

Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boots

The men have Rambler Western Boots, which look weathered and have no fancy design elements, but they are comfortable. The toe is square, and they feature ATS technology, which makes them enjoyable for daily use. The stability is just right, and the dura tread sole will last ages. The boots are all-weather and made from 100% leather. The boot comes in a color called antiqued gray, which is perfect for any man. You can find the boots here.

I have a pair of these and love them to bits because of their simplicity and comfort level.

City Boots – top-shelf boots for the modern cowgirl, city slicker, and everyone in between!

CITY Boots are women’s boots that are handcrafted and designed to match your stride at every single occasion. Designed with a flattering fit that elongates the leg, they’re casual and comfortable enough to throw on as a statement piece with your day-to-day work wear. They’re also polished enough to wear for special occasions like your wedding or the big game against long-time rivals.

Justin Boots

This brand has been around since 1879, which means they make cowboy boots that embodies the authentic western cowboy culture. Their collection includes boots for kids, work boots with steel toes, dress boots, cowboy boots for ranch workers apparel, and much more. Justin Boots went down in history for inventing the classic roper boot style. Organizations such as the PRCA or the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association chose Justin Boots to be their official boots.

The Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection 12″

Justin Boots Gypsy collection is handcrafted with a typical western woman in mind. The used is genuine leather for durability, and it is also soft leather to boost comfort for the wearer. Compared to the Fatbaby boots, these feature a lighter rubber sole and soft toe that’s square. The hand made embroidery will fit right in with any of your wardrobe choices. The boot comes in six distinct color choices that include the tan jaguar, black crazy horse, which looks stunning, aged bark or camo, frenzy buffalo or pink camo, bay Apache or lipstick rose cow, and brown. You could walk miles in these and still want to walk some more from how comfy they are. You can find the boots here.

The Justin Boots Men’s Ropers Equestrian Boot

Unlike most single-color boots made for men, these ropers come in a record seven colors to choose from. These colors are:

  1. Dark brown.
  2. Chestnut.
  3. Tan kiddie or just tan.
  4. Tan corona.
  5. Dark brown marbled deer lite.
  6. Chestnut marbled deer lite.
  7. Black kipskin.

Justin boots invented the classic roper style of boots, and this is what their masterpiece looks like. The used leather is 100%, and the sole is made from leather. These are perfect pairs to be worn for any equestrian event. With about 130 years and counting of making cowboy boots, Justin owns the patent to the J-Flex technology that significantly increases the comfort of the boots they make. The brand is known as the standard of the west due to the comfort of their handcrafted, durable cowboy boots. You can find these men’s boots here.

Lucchese Boots

This boots brand has been around since 1883, and in that time, they made cowboy boots for Bing Crosby and other notable historical figures. In ’61, the company made custom boots for everyone on the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. Not many boot brands can claim such achievements, but this all goes to prove the quality of their product. Lucchese Boots enjoy an Italian influence, and we all know how serious Italians take their shoe making.

The Lucchese Bootmaker Women’s Ruth Western Boot

This is the kind of boot you wear on a night’s out and also at the office without any hint of discomfort. Unlike most women’s shoes, the Ruth Western Boot is resistant to slip and oil. It’s made from cowhide that’s 100% leather and features a rubber sole. The welt is held intact with double stitching to maintain durability. The boots either come in green or cognac. Overall, these cowgirls boots are effortless to put on, maintain, and will outlast most of your shoe collection. You can
find the boots here.

The Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Limited Edition Western Boot

These are not your average cowboy boots. When other boots are retailing below $200, these are slightly over $1000, but you can’t put a price on the comfort of your feet. These limited-edition western cowboy boots come in 5 colors, including cigar, cognac, cognac 1, cognac 2, and navy. Apart from the genuine leather and leather sole, these boots are handmade in Texas, USA, from a lizard in horseman styling. Using lizard is rare among cowboy boot brands, but Lucchese Boots wants you to enjoy exotic comfort on your precious feet. Such cowboy boots would make a much-appreciated gift for an in-law, employee, special person, or even parent. You can find these boots here.

Lane Boots

This brand is probably 100 years younger than most western cowboy boots companies’ on the market, but they make sexy booties. Lane Boots is the brand for third-generation men and women who live in the modern world but want a touch of the authentic western cowboy culture in their attire. The brand also makes boots for men and kids, but the women’s collection is something out of the western set in the future without compromising the sturdiness.

The Lane Boots Women’s Lovesick Stud Western Boot

These Junk Gypsy by Lane boots feature a 5-inch shaft and are made from 100% leather. The snip toe is a precise symbol of one’s character, and also the design, along with the turquoise color, really blends in with leggings or tights. Other trendy colors include vintage rose floral, light pink, and black. The cushioned foot bed adds to the comfort, and since the boot is handmade, you can be sure that it’ll survive your endless girl-related escapades and last a long time. The boot by Lane is popular with travelers and adventurers. You can find the boot here.

Qualities of a Durable Cowboy Boot

Boots worn by real cowboys in the west were made from cowhide simply because it is virtually indestructible. It won’t be much of a surprise to find that Clint Eastwood still possesses a few pairs of cowboy boots in pristine condition from his hay days of spaghetti westerns. Such boots were explicitly designed for rough handling that included cow herding, riding horses, and surviving the Chihuahuan Desert elements. I wanted to mention cowhide in particular when it comes to boot construction because that is what the original cowboy boots were created from. That’s it really, no exotics or anything fancy. Today of course there are plenty of other leathers out there being used like ostrich, alligator, snake, etc… and big names usually go for the best quality and that is one of the reasons that drive up the price.

These top quality leathers being used from the big boys aren’t the only thing driving up the price. The craftsmanship in boots like Stallion or Lucchese are second to none in my opinion. There are also a lot of other subtle differences like the stitching being used, the materials in the sole, heel and other parts of the boots that all come together and create a comfortable boot that the “cheapies” just can’t compare to.

Brands are made around durability, and so a long-lasting boot depends on the reputation of the manufacturer.

Pricing is another determinant of how durable a cowboy boot will be. Cheaper options tend to be made from bonded leather, which is inferior to genuine leather. Sometimes due to exceptional marketing, people end up buying boots made from leftover materials, a process that ends up tarnishing the names of reputable brands. It is possible to distinguish a knockoff by touch, observation, and with the internet, at our fingertips, it’s easy to look up information.

A boot that’s crafted by hand or made using traditional processes will last longer than one that goes through a machine assembly line on mass production.

The durability of a cowboy boot is strengthened through maintenance, and you need to know how to take care of genuine leather. How you handle the boot will determine how long it will last; for example, don’t go walking on lava and expect the soles to hold.

Quality and durable cowboy boots are rare, and some brands may only produce a certain number at a time to control price and grade. Other brands only work with pre orders, and the wait list could span from a few months to years.

In Conclusion Higher Price Usually Leads To Comfort & Durability

I think we have all thought of why cowboy boots are comfortable or why they aren’t very comfortable. We may have had some guesses why this is, but never really had a chance to figure out the answer. Sometime it takes someone like me to accidentally wear someone else s boots and make that discovery.

After wearing a substandard pair of boots my whole life, I never knew cowboy boots could be this comfortable and I hope my research and life experience in cowboy boots has helped you answer that age-old question, “What are the most comfortable cowboy boots?” lol.

In my opinion, experience is essential
in cowboy boot manufacturing. Over time, a brand improves with customer feedback, trial and error and experience gained by their boot makers. After 100 years in the business, most of these companies’ boots are practically perfect. They are
durable, good-looking, and comfortable, and that’s all a cowboy boot
obsessed Texan like my wife (and me) would ever ask for. I hope this article will help you find your new favorite most comfortable cowboy boot!

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