Cowboy Boots Without - Without Heels, Without Socks, Without Stitching

Cowboy Boots Without ? – Missing Items On Boots That Just Aren’t Right

Cowboy boots without….what exactly does that mean you might be asking? Well I have seen a lot of questions I guess you would call them or maybe they would be best categorized as statements people are thinking out loud. I don’t know, maybe they are just curious or are actually looking for something like such as cowboy boots without heels. It’s kind of a question and not a question at the same time. It’s kind of hard to talk about because I’m not really sure what the person is asking. I’m not even really sure if they are asking anything at all.

With that in mind, I am kind of treating them like a question / inquiry on these subjects and they all have to do with cowboy boots not having or being without a particular feature of cowboy boots or maybe a particular item that usually goes with cowboy boots. Cowboy Boots Without – Missing Items On Boots That Aren’t Right!

Cowboy Boots Without Heel

This is kind of a weird subject for me. I’m not even sure it wold be considered a cowboy boot if it didn’t have a heel. Heck, it might be a cowboy slipper. People not only ask or talk about this, but they actually search on Google for cowboy boots without heels.

Let me save you the suspense. If you go onto Google right now and do a search for cowboy boots without heels or something similar, you won’t find any. They all have heels. Matter of fact, pretty much any piece of footwear that I can think of has heels except flip-flops or sandals. Even your sneakers have some form of heel, they are just built in or not as pronounced as a pair of cowboy boots. I didn’t look at to many pages outside of the top 10 on Google, but they were all just regular type men’s and women’s cowboy boots. All had heels, the only difference being the type of heel they contained.

Cowboy Boots Without Heels
Could you Imagine Cowboy Boots Without Heels?

If you go to Pinto Ranch’s website and went to their section on men’s boots, you would find 4 different heel types:

  • Cowboy Heel
  • Fowler Heel
  • Roper Heel
  • Walking Heel

You can’t choose a cowboy boot without a heel (doesn’t sound comfortable or healthy) lol because there isn’t one. With these 4 heel types, they offer 298 different pairs of men’s boots with these heels. That is crazy! Amazing selection, but once again they didn’t have any without heels lol.

* Side note: All of these different types of heel styles come in different heights that you can search by.

On the same site, if you went and looked at their selection of women’s boots, they have 10 different heel types. Wow, no wonder why it takes my girlfriend so long to shop lol.

  • Block Heel
  • Cowboy Heel
  • Cowgirl Heel
  • Fashionon Heel
  • Fowler Heel
  • Roper Heel
  • Sintino Heel
  • Stacked Heel
  • Walking Heel
  • Western Heel

That is 294 different pairs of women’s cowboy boots to select from with 11 different heel types. Once again, they don’t have a selection for “cowboy boots without heels”.

Seriously though, if you ever have a conversation with someone that is asking about this, please find out why. I would love to know why they think this is a thing? If you do come across a pair of cowboy boots missing their heels (because that is how they were made) please let me know ASAP. I would love to see them!

Cowboy Boots Without Stitching

Cowboy boots without stitching isn’t nearly as crazy as the whole without heels fiasco that I talked about above. That is assuming we are talking about the decorative stitching a lot of cowboy boots have and not how they are put together. If it’s the latter, then “Houston, we have a problem!”.

This is a pretty legit question or inquiry if you ask me. Some people just don’t like all that fancy stitching. I definitely have those moments and would just like a plain / vanilla looking boot. Not saying I don’t like boots with stitching, it’s just that both of them appeal to me. It just depends on the mood that I am in.

Cowboy Boots Without Stitching
Links to these boots without stitching (lol) are below!

I really don’t know if cowboy boots without stitching raises the price for one thing. I mean that stitching is pretty much not gonna be seen by anyone except for the person wearing them. You look at it when you put them on and take them off. That’s about it. Of course, I am talking about the guys in this instance. We are usually wearing them with jeans or some form of pants. Now when it comes to the ladies, they could just as easily be wearing them with a dress or shorts and luckily everyone gets to see the boot in its entirety. Even if this is the case, maybe they don’t want all that fancy stitching and want people to concentrate on their dress or shorts. I really don’t know, but cowboy boots do have a way of stealing a lot of attention.

I think it’s really difficult to find a pair of men’s cowboy boots without stitching. At least a real good quality pair. Here’s a beautiful pair of boots with hardly any stitching by Tony Lama. It’s the Kango Tobacco Smooth Ostrich Roper boots which is part of their Signature Series. A beautiful pair of boots. Definitely worth your time if you go on their site and browse around and maybe stumble on something else you might like.

Finding boots without stitching for the ladies is not as hard. Here’s a pair of beautiful boots by Rios Of Mercedes. A pair of golden brown Tag goat Jode tall cowboy boots. They really have zero decorative stitching and have a 5 star review. Browse around while you are there and you might even find something better.

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Wearing Cowboy Boots Without Looking Country

This is kind of weird one also and quite a number of people are either seeking this look out or they actually Google it. Not really sure why. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking country. As a matter of fact, the country look is hotter than ever! So why in the world would you want to be wearing cowboy boots without looking country?

I actually did a search for such terms as “what’s wrong with looking country” and “is the country look bad”. I really couldn’t find a negative thing on why someone wouldn’t want to look a little country. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple years, you know that country is definitely in style. Everything from cowboy boots, belts, hats, definitely the shirts, and of course some cut off jeans and dresses for the ladies (which will never go out of style in my opinion). So what’s the deal and why is this even being brought up?

The only thing I can think of is that it’s someone that really doesn’t possess much confidence in themselves. Maybe they are a little scared or nervous with a new-look. You know, maybe they are super vanilla. On the other hand, maybe they have some friends that are complete ********! I mean I can kind of understand what they are talking about. Especially if you are a guy and you walked into your group wearing a pair of cowboy boots and that was just something they don’t wear, you know one of the first things they wold say is “What’s up Tex?”. I really think the question on wearing cowboy boots without looking country would most likely be asked by a guy than a girl. Girls can pretty much wear anything. Please correct me if I’m wrong tough ladies.

One other aspect that I just thought of is maybe when it comes to being a little dressy. Maybe a guy is wearing a suit to the office or something and he might not thing that a pair of cowboy boots really goes with that setup. Let me put your mind at ease with this one. You can get a really nice pair of cowboy boots that go great with a suit. What comes to mind for the guys are a pair of Stallion boots. Yeah, they will cost you, but they are amazing boots. They are literally worn by the who’s who of Hollywood, fashion models, etc… Showcased on the runways of Milan and New York, they are the it boot and nobody will judge you for looking country!

Cowboy Boots Without Boot Cut Jeans

Here is a question or inquiry is often asked and I would have to think it’s more from the younger generation. The guys that like to wear skinny jeans I’m betting. That is definitely not me, but I think I can help you out. As for the ladies, I know you aren’t asking this country. As I mentioned earlier, you can wear boots with just about anything and I think you have more styles to choose from to meet your needs / outfits. You might not even own a pair of boot cut jeans so you don’t have to worry about wearing cowboy boots without boot cut jeans. Must be nice to have so many options!

First I will have to say that as a guy, I would never wear cowboy boots without boot cut jeans. I mean it’s just seems so alien to me to think about it. First, I don’t have a pair of skinny jeans. I have some regular cut Levis, but no skinny. Second, I don’t think you could wear boots with skinny jeans and get the jeans over the shaft of the boot. If you did, man that just wouldn’t look right. Yeah, you could wear boots with a regular pair of jeans, but to me boot cut is the way to go.

Besides boot cut jeans, you can wear boots with other types of pants like some nice dress slacks. I wouldn’t wear my 10 year old pair of rawhide ropers that look like they’ve been through too many cattle drives, but a really nice pair of boots look great with slacks.

Cowboy Boots Without Socks

To be honest, this one actually makes me feel a little sick lol. I’m not going to talk much about it here because I’ve already written an entire article dedicated to just this subject! Wearing Cowboy Boots Without Socks – Are You Serious is the article.

You should read it though, it’s definitely interesting and kind of funny. Just a quick PSA: Do not wear cowboy boots without socks! No Bueno!

Well There You Go, Cowboy Boots Without Whatever – You Make The Call

If you’ve read any of the articles on this site, most deal with cowboy boots and we usually don’t give an opinion one way or the other on what’s right or wrong. No matter what the article of clothing, it’s all about personal preference. What looks good to you is all that matters.

After saying all this, I still stand behind my statement of wearing cowboy boots without socks! Lol, that opinion I’m not gonna stray from.

So whether it’s boot cut jeans, skinny jeans, dress pants, etc… wear your cowboy boots with whatever in the heck makes you happy! Some things you might find a bit difficult to find like cowboy boots without heels or without stitching, but who knows. If you keep looking, I’m sure you will find them somewhere. Actually without the stitching is pretty simple, but no heels, good luck with that.

As always, I hope this helped answer any questions you might have or made you think about things a little more clearly when it comes to cowboy boots. I hope I have helped you find your new favorite pair of cowboy boots (with heels)!

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