Rios of Mercedes Full Quill Ostrich Boots

I’ve written several articles about boots over the years and Rios of Mercedes in by far one of my favorite brands. I won’t go into detail about them here because I’ve already done that in this article all about Rios of Mercedes handmade cowboy boots and a pair of Rios of Mercedes full quill ostrich boots are really special!

Full quill ostrich boots tend to be a favorite of cowboy boot connoisseurs. When you see a pair, you know immediately what they are. I’ve seen some boots coming at me from a distance and I’ve said to myself “are those gator, python, maybe caiman”. I really couldn’t tell until they got right up on me. A pair of full quill ostrich boots and you don’t have that problem. You can see the bumps from a mile away! I mean I can barely read most signs when driving down the road, but ostrich boots, no problem there. Now let’s get into the meat of the subject and talk about some good-looking boots!

Rios Of Mercedes Men’s Full Quill Ostrich Boots

Rios of Mercedes Full Quill Ostrich Boots

I’m gonna be talking about several pairs of ostrich boots here and they are all full quill and they are all for Pinto Ranch (I talk about Pinto Ranch later in this article and why I like them so much.) Currently they have 7 different pairs of full quill ostrich boots and 5 of them are on sale. You can see all of these beautiful ostrich boots here. To tell the truth, I like the looks of all 7 of them. That’s really not a good thing in my opinion lol. That just makes it harder for me to shop and I hate trying to make a decision between items that I’m equally fond of. After sitting here and looking at them, I have to say that the one that catches my eye the most is the Men’s black Milan Full Quil Ostrich Boot. It has a black lower (vamp) and the shaft is a rust / lava color with some beautiful overlays and the full quill overlay black straight pull straps. One beautiful pair of boots!

Rios of Mercedes Men's Ostrich leather Cowboy Boots

Of course that particular pair of boots isn’t on sale and cost almost nine hundred bucks. That price isn’t bad though because these boots will last for decades and This is one of the best boot makers out there. These are Tecovas or Ariat boots, these are the top of the line. You’re paying for quality and as a bonus you get the best customer service out there. I’m alright with that.

If you’re unsure about the perfect fit, get everything you need to know on how to achieve the perfect fit in a pair of cowboy boots in this step by step guide. 

The ostrich boots on sale are anywhere from just over $350 to almost $200 off their regular price. $537 is the cheapest pair and it’s actually my second favorite boot there. I could say it’s actually a tie with the first one that I liked. It’s all black and is called the Americano full quill ostrich boot. I mean this boot is sexy as hell!

Full Quill Ostrich boots by Rios of Mercedes

If you are into a tan or brandy colored lighter boot, then you are in luck. 5 or these boots have this color characteristic and 4 of them are on sale. You really should head on over to their site and take a look at all of them. I put a link to all of them on the above picture that shows all their men’s full quill ostrich boots. They are quite beautiful and you will probably be in the same predicament as me on trying to make a choice.

Women’s Ostrich Boots By Rios (sorry, smooth not full quill)

Rios of Mercedes Womens Smooth Ostrich Boot

I didn’t want to exclude the ladies from talking about full quill ostrich boots, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it. To be honest, I really can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a girl wearing full quill or if I ever have. I tend to think it’s more of a manly boot or something. Maybe us guys like the quill bumps because it reminds us of stubble or something lol. Maybe I’m wrong and Pinto Ranch just doesn’t offer them for whatever reason. You can’t get them on the Rios site, so who knows.

So, there are 2 things I’m gonna do for you. First is I’m gonna put a couple pairs of women’s smooth ostrich boots by Rios of Mercedes on here for you to look at and of course a link that will take you to both. Both of these boots are on sale as luck would have it at $150 and $250 off their regular price. You can get either pair for under $500 and that is an amazing deal for a brand like Rios of Mercedes.

Rios of Mercedes Women's Ostrich leather Cowboy Boots

The second thing is I will give you a link right here to see all the full quill ostrich boots by brands like Lucchese and Stallion. I know you have probably heard of both of those names. If you want some more information on them, I have written some pretty comprehensive articles on them as well. Here is the article for Lucchese boots and you can check out some great Stallion handmade boots here.

Cowboy Boots Sale 30% Off On Already Low Sale Price

Besides Ostrich, What Other Leathers Does Rios Of Mercedes Offer?

We can’t just talk about full quill ostrich boots can we? No, I didn’t think so. You have to have options and luckily Rios of Mercedes has plenty.

When it comes to men’s cowboy boots, you always have a larger selection to choose from when it comes to leather types. On the Pinto Ranch site, Rios of Mercedes has 10 different kinds to choose from for a total of 27 different pairs of boots made by Rios. I’ll list a few of the more interesting starting with a pair of Elk boots made by Rios of Mercedes ($495). They only have 1 pair here and I really don’t ever remember seeing another pair of cowboy boots made from elk anywhere else. They definitely aren’t easy to find. Another type of leather is Carpincho. This is that crazy animal that looks like a big Guinea pig that lives in South America. Definitely an awesome pair of boots at $595 and a real conversation starter.

All Men's Rios of Mercedes Handmade Cowboy Boots

Of course, they have ostrich full quill cowboy boots and smooth for the ladies. 5 pairs of hippo boots, elephant, goat, hog, snake, caiman and cowhide. I have left a pic of some of these boots above with a link that takes you directly to all of them.

As for ladies boots by Rios of Mercedes, you don’t have near as many, but what you do find are awesome! 7 different styles in 4 different leathers.

Of course the smooth ostrich boots that I mentioned earlier and then you have a couple boots made out of calf leather, 2 out of cowhide and one pair of handmade boots that come from Bison. I feel like I would be leaving out that one of these pairs of boots is a red pair of cowhide boots that really grabs your attention. I don’t know, there is something about a woman wearing red cowboy boots that makes them stand out from everyone else. Please be sure that you check those out!

Rios of Mercedes Women's Boot Sale

Here Are Some Other Brands That Offer Full Quill Ostrich Boots

I figured since we are talking about Rios of Mercedes full quill ostrich boots, why not go ahead and tell you about some other great brands that carry the same. There are 18 other full quill ostrich brands made by Lucchese, Stallion and Tony Lama. For your information, all the Stallion full quill boots are ankle boots. Lucchese has the most at 10 of these and Tony Lama has 5.

Rios of Mercedes Handcrafted Ostrich Boots

Rios of Mercedes Men's Ostrich leather Cowboy Boots

I’ve actually featured one of these boots in another article and it was the Lucchese men’s Anthracite full quill and smooth ostrich boots. It literally looks like something out of Game of Thrones or something. It’s very cool and mysterious. The Lucchese boots are all amazing. I’ve never in my life seen a bad or even average boot from them. All top of the line and works of art if you ask me. Every ostrich boot on the Pinto website from Lucchese is full quill by the way. No ostrich leg or smooth ostrich.

The Tony Lama full quill ostrich boots are pretty spectacular as well. There are even a couple on sale for under $600. Some tan and black boots so you get a pretty good selection of color and styles. A really nice pair of full quill ostrich ropers is a pair that I really have my eye on. For your information, there are also some Tony Lama smooth ostrich boots available here too, but keep it a secret.

I’m gonna throw in an honorable mention for some Black Jack ostrich boots also available, but they aren’t full quill. While your there, you should take a look at those as well.

Where Can I Get Full Quill Ostrich Boots By Rios of Mercedes?

The answer to that question is Pinto Ranch. I’m telling you this because that is pretty much the only place I shop for boots and I have 3 main reasons for this.

  • Quality brands
  • Customer Service
  • Free Exchanges / Returns

The quality of boots here is hands down the best you are gonna find in one location. They have all the best brands for men and women and even kids. The top brands like Rios of Mercedes, Lucchese, Stallion, Lane Boots, Old Gringo and many others. You just won’t find this many great styles under one roof.

Lucchese Cowboy Boots - Pinto Ranch Western Wear

Second, the customer service is fabulous. You can go to their contact page and leave them a message, open up a live chat, or the number is right there in plain sight for a one on one phone call. Their representatives are super friendly and knowledgeable and will answer all your questions.

Last but not least, the free return / exchange policy is awesome! It actually calms any worries you have about buying boots online. If your order a pair and for some reason they don’t fit, you can send them back on their dime and they will ship you a new size. If you just don’t like them, same thing, return them for a full refund or exchange for a completely different pair. Not much more I can say about that. It’s awesome!

Rios Is The Way To Go When It Comes To Full Quill Boots

With all that info up top, Rios of Mercedes full quill ostrich boots should definitely have peaked your interest. Plenty of pairs to choose from for both guys and gals with some beautiful colors to boot. The attention to detail in stitching and the overlays on the shaft will definitely have you wanting a pair.

As stated, while looking at the boots I mentioned above, look at the smooth ostrich or the full quill from other brands. I’m not here to say the boots from Rios of Mercedes are the best boots in the world (they are great), so look around and everything that is offered. If you already own a pair of Rios of Mercedes boots, then you already know how stunning they are. If you’ve never owned or tried on a pair, do yourself a favor and try a pair out. I guarantee you will be hooked for life (which is practically the life expectancy on a pair of boot of this quality).

I hope all this information has helped you out in one form or another. At least you got some information on other brands and you now know where to get the best boots in Texas /USA. If you have any questions leave us a shout out down below in the comments and I hope I’ve helped you find your new favorite pair of full quill ostrich boots by Rios of Mercedes!

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