Pirarucu Fish Boots – What In The World Are Pirarucu Boots?

As soon as my eyes gazed upon these pair of boots, I’m not gonna lie, I was intrigued as hell! Such a unique look to them that I had to know more. I read the title “Handmade Pirarucu Fish Boots” and it sounded very familiar. About 2 hours later I realized how I knew the name. I was watching a show on Animal Planet by the name of “River Monsters” with Jeremy Wade and he was going after Pirarucus. They are massive fish that will eat just about anything. Mystery solved? Yes and no, I mean I still needed to know more about these handmade boots. They are absolutely amazing.

Pirarucu Fish Boots - PIRARUCU Used To Make Pirarucu Handmade Cowboy Boots

The Boot and the Fish

The legendary Pirarucu is the largest fish in the Amazon river, one of the most incredible and exotic places on the planet. One look at this incredible boot and you’ll be taken away to an exciting place. The Marfa cord and stitch pattern looks almost like a blazing fire, with cascading, exotic lines zigzagging up the front and back of the boot. Pull straps show off more of these boots’ beautiful, bright Pirarucu skin with overlays, complimenting the rich color of handmade goat leather cowboy boots. I can almost guarantee you, if you walk into a place with others wearing any type of cowboy boots, it’s gonna be tough to find someone wearing a pair of Pirarucu Boots. Not because they are lower quality or don’t look as good as other boots, but they just aren’t a well-known species. I never heard of them until I watched Animal Planet and trust me, not everyone watches that channel and even less that show. It’s definitely cool if you could be the first of your friends or colleagues to own a pair so check out these 3 beautiful Handmade Pirarucu boots sale!



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Specificatons of This Beautiful Handmade Pirarucu Boots

  • Handmade Luxury Exotic Leather Boots
  • Premium Select Amazonian Pirarucu Leather
  • Rich Brown Finish & Appearance
  • ‘Marfa’ Cording with Rust Stitching
  • Fancy Exotic Overlay ‘S’ Pull Straps
  • 3/4 Single Welt Stitching
  • Black Jack ‘V’ Wide Snip Toe
  • 1 1/2 INCH Cowboy Heel
  • Exclusively Available from Pinto Ranch
  • Handmade by Masters in El Paso, Texas

All About Black Jack Handmade Boots

Black Jack Boots for Pinto Ranch is a premium handmade boot collection made exclusively for our stores by Black Jack master boot makers. Designed and manufactured in El Paso, T exas. Black Jack Boots uses 100% genuine exotic and smooth leathers that meet Pinto Ranch quality and style standards.  Definitely a beautiful boot that you can only get from Pinto Ranch.

Shipping & Returns of These Great Boots

All boot orders within the U.S. qualify for FREE UPS Ground Shipping (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).


We believe the right fit is the most important thing, and that is sometimes hard to achieve with an online order. Pinto Ranch will cover your return shipping until you find the perfect fit under the following conditions.

  • It’s within 60 days of your order.
  • The boots have not been worn and the sole is in new condition.
  • The boots are shipped back in the Pinto Ranch-provided shipping box. Any boots returned in just the boot maker’s boot box will be charged a $20 boot box replacement fee. Please use the original plain kraft shipping box from your order to affix any labels and ship.

Pirarucu Fish Boots - Pirarucu Handmade Men's Boots              Pirarucu Fish Boots - Pirarucu Handmade Men's Boots

You Seriously Need to Reel In A Pair of These Pirarucu Fish Boots

I don’t know what I’m more impressed with, this incredible fish or these magnificent boots! I definitely think these boots are a game changer and will make you stand out in a crowd. If you are looking for style, comfort, quality and most likely some conversation, these boots are for you. You might even be able to throw in a little fish story here and there how you caught the Pirarucu yourself. Yeah, you might be reaching there, but it’s worth a try.

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Remember, these boots are handmade by some of the best boot makers in the world. I guarantee you will never be disappointed by their quality and if you do have a problem, you saw above about their magnificent shipping and return policy. That policy is second to none!

Black Jack Boots is a premium handmade boot collection made exclusively by Black Jack master boot makers. Designed and manufactured in El Paso, Texas, Black Jack Boots uses 100% genuine exotic and smooth leathers that meet the highest quality and style standards.

8 thoughts on “Pirarucu Fish Boots – What In The World Are Pirarucu Boots?”

  1. I’m sorry as I am a bit confused whether these boots are made from animal leather or from leather made of fish skin?

    But whatever it is made of, it is pretty obvious the quality is premium and you will never regret buying a pair of these boots. Being in a rock band here in the Philippines makes these pair of boots very attractive and I’m sure my band mates will surely love these boots. I will share this article to them.

    By the way, thanks for sharing this and you got me searching the web for Pirarucu Fish. 

    1. We Heart Handmade Boots

      Well a fish is an animal, so to answer your question, both lol.  But part of the boot is definitely made from the Pirarucu fish and it’s very cool!

      1. Well, glad you learned anout Pirarucu. Hope you also learned thst theybare HIGHLY endangeted because yet again the Chinese have created a market for them, and the Vanity trade driven by poachers cares only about money, only for themselves, and only for what makes them happy. These magnificent creatures, like the elephant, like white rhinos, like snow leopards, and many other extinct and endangered species, are being monotized with no thoughts for the way their disappearance impacts every other organism in their biological sphere.

        Let’s say you try this for a year: buy an EV, wear shoes made of recycled reclaimed plastic, stop eating meat, stop buying foods and beverages packed in plastics, stop wasting the food you buy, go 100% LED lighting, etc. See how that feels. Maybe, just maybe, you will feel better about yourself and won’t need to buy ridiculous and expensive but very destructive things to
        Play with, eat, or wear, instead of becoming a person of worth.

  2. What great looking pair of unique boots. I like the fact that you will have a great story to tell about them to friends and any of those people that may be curious. They are really a good looking pair of boots and I would like to add a pair to my collection. I live in Texas so I can’t have enough of unique boots. A pair of Pirarucu Fish boots would great addition to any boot collection. 

    1. We Heart Handmade Boots

      They are a great pair of boots and very sturdy and I know they don’t have any of these Pirarucu fish there in Texas!  Fun to talk about in a bar over a beer I’m sure!

  3. Wow, Very useful for everyone. Now I now that Black Jack Boots for Pinto Ranch is a premium handmade boot collection made exclusively for our stores by Black Jack master boot makers. Designed and manufactured in El Paso, T exas. Black Jack Boots uses 100% genuine exotic and smooth leathers that meet Pinto Ranch quality and style standards. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow these are eye catching! I have seen plenty of exotic boots but these honestly might be the best looking ones I have ever seen. I have never heard of a Pirarucu fish until this article but now I am interested in learning more about those massive fish. This is a great review and I will be sharing this with some boot aficionados that I know. Thanks!

    1. We Heart Handmade Boots

      Thank you.  I first saw the fish on The Discovery channel and low and behold, they are making handmade boots out of them!  Pretty awesome!

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