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Alligator Cowboy Boots Sale – Who Says Alligator Isn’t Beautiful?

I’m thinking if there were a bunch of people walking around all wearing cowboy boots, i.e.  different colors, different styles, and made out of different leathers, you think it would be pretty easy to identify the ones made out of alligator. Well, for the novice, maybe not. What some people don’t realize is that there are also a number of manufacturers that use Caiman and Nile Crocodile. Today I’m gonna show you just the boots made from American Alligator and why these boots became an instant classic to cowboy boot connoisseurs all over the world. Not only that, I’m gonna show you an Alligator cowboy boots sale that will go easy on your alligator skin wallet or whatever type of wallet you carry.

At the time of this article, Pinto Ranch has 9 different alligator boots for sale on their site and 6 of them are on sale. Things are always changing on this site, but they always have some great sales and I can guarantee you that there will always be some great alligator skin boots on here for a great price. I’m only gonna talk about 2 of the pairs that are currently on sale right now, but as I said, there are many to choose from and there are hundreds more made from other leathers like Buffalo, Elk, Fish, Goat, Calf, Carpincho, practically a Noah’s Ark of handmade cowboy boots of the highest quality

Let’s get started……..

A Tan American Alligator Boot That Stand Out In The Crowd

The BLACK JACK EXCLUSIVE PULL UP TAN AMERICAN ALLIGATOR BOOTS uses skin from alligator belly that is considered to be one of the most interesting of the exotic hides used in boots today. The look of these boots are absolutely amazing! The tiles of the alligator skin is completely unpredictable running across the vamp of the boot. When looking down at the pattern, it makes me think of an old cobblestone road where all the stones are of different shapes and sizes, but somehow still form an amazing pattern that is hard to take your eyes off of. You can also find some alligator decorating the pull straps and the shaft is beautifully designed with ‘jay’ cording and some accent stitching that doesn’t take away from the large scales of the alligator vamp.

Alligator Cowboy Boots Sale - BLACK JACK EXCLUSIVE PULL UP TAN AMERICAN ALLIGATOR BOOTSClick Image To View These Alligator Cowboy Boots & Get More Info

There are a couple characteristics that make alligator skin better than its cousins the caiman and crocodile. It’s softer and more pliable which makes it easier to work with. Something else that needs to be noted about alligator skin is that they get a much smoother and “even” dye compared to caiman because of the lack of bone in the skin. If you aren’t aware of Black Jack boots, you should be! They are a premium handmade boot made in El Paso, Texas and are made exclusively for Pinto Ranch.

I’m also a big fan of the shaft of this boot that is made from goat leather and it has a great distressed look to it that I’m pretty much a fan of any type of boots.

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* Here’s a cleaning tip for your alligator skin cowboy boots. It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is brush the dirt off with a damp cloth and every once in a while (month or two), apply leather conditioner to your boot and it will look like new!

A pair of Lucchese Men’s Antique Italian Red Giant Alligator Cowboy Boots uses skin from giant gators that gives these boots an aggressive look with their large scale pattern. They are called “The muscle cars” of exotic skin cowboy boots! A beautiful red giant alligator vamp looks great complimented with a 12″ dark leather shaft and beautifully ornate “Red River” shaft cording. They also feature the Lucchese French toe which is exclusive to Lucchese classic handmade cowboy boots. Designed exclusively for Pinto Ranch, this is the only place you can get these beauties.

Lucchese American Alligator Boots - Three views of Lucchese cowboy boots
Click Image To View These Alligator Cowboy Boots & Get More Info

Do you know The Lucchese classics? What makes these boots stand apart from other cowboy boots. From other pairs of Lucchese boots for that matter? First, these boots are the exact design that Sam Lucchese used to create what we know as cowboy boots today. Back in the day, Sam Lucchese believed in well-made boots made from leather, without additives or substitutions. Pinto Ranch carries on that tradition today and has teamed up with legendary bootmakers such as Lucchese to have exclusive designs that are only available at Pinto Ranch. You really need to check them out because you won’t find a better pair of handmade alligator cowboy boots anywhere!

A Short Alligator Skin Boot With A Big Attitude

This boot is definitely a head turner. The STALLION MEN’S ZORRO BLACK GATOR ANKLE BOOTS are not your traditional cowboy boot by no means. With that being said, there are 3 things that make this boot a little different from the traditional alligator skin cowboy boot or other leather type boot you might be wearing.

Alligator Cowboy Boots Sale - STALLION MEN'S ZORRO BLACK GATOR ANKLE BOOTSClick Image To View These Alligator Cowboy Boots & Get More Info

This is not a “whole” alligator boot in the traditional sense. When I mean “whole”, I mean the alligator part of this boot are some accents. Not the whole vamp like the last boot I talked about. The accents are only at the heel and toe of this boot, but they do look very very good! That’s the first unusual part of this boot.

The second is that its zippered. Yeah, I said it, it has a zipper. That’s typically not uncommon for an ankle boot though, and Stallion are the experts to making a boot like this. I do love these boots though. It has that cowboy boot look and you can wear it seamlessly underneath pretty much any type of jeans, slacks, pants, etc… I really don’t know what else is left that you would want to wear boots with, but with these ankle boots, you can wear them.

Check out all the different styles and types of exotic cowboy boots here

The third and final unusual thing about these boots are its use of horsehide. Yeah, that’s right. Believe it or not, horsehide are a by-product of the food processing industry. Just like cowhide, it has a use and it can be super expensive! Horsehide has a very limited supply, and as you guessed it, that drives up the price.

Alligator Has Been Around A Lot Longer Than I Thought

Yes, I know they are basically prehistoric and basically modern day dinosaurs, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve watched my fair share of westerns and I don’t think I’ve every seen a pair of alligator anything in those shows or movies. For good reason though, most of those movies take place out west i.e. Texas, Oklahoma, California, etc… I’m pretty sure cows are the kind of materials out there followed by either goats, sheep, buffalo, etc… You just don’t see any western type movies taking place in Florida or Louisiana lol.

But if you do a little research, the use of alligator skin started in 1800 in North America. Boots, shoes, saddles, and other products were used for confederate troops in the civil war in 1855. Its commercial beginnings started in the 1900s with Louisiana being the biggest harvester of this magnificent leather.

Alligators went through a rough time in the early 1900s all the way into the 60s and was eventually banned statewide in Louisiana. Luckily by the year 1987, were taken off the endangered species list because of conservation efforts and their population is as strong as ever.

There’s A Reason Alligator Skin Boots Are So Popular

As I stated earlier, alligator has that unique look that everyone knows right when you see it. It usually has larger scales on it than say a caiman. It’s highly prized because alligator is so easy to work with compared to other lizards and has a super durable skin. Another great quality about alligator skin is its natural enamel sheen. The automatically makes it pleasing to the eye and why you see so many other products beside cowboy boots or any other kind of boot for that matter made from gator.

Unlike other types of cowboy boots made from cowhide (which I love by the way) or other more abundant leathers, you aren’t gonna find to many alligator skin boots at Target or Walmart. If you do, run away, run as fast as you can.

You will mainly find them in high end retail stores, or as I pointed out, at Pinto Ranch (which hosts the largest selection of cowboy boots online by the way).

I hope you like the 2 boots mentioned here today. Make sure you go check out the other alligator skin boots at Pinto and remember, they have a great alligator cowboy boots sale along with many other types and exotic leather boots on sale 365 days a year. Nothing but the finest quality and the best customer service out there. I’m not joking, poke around the website and read the reviews. Half the reviews usually mention their unbelievable customer service.

If you have any question, comments, whatever, give us a shout out below either way. We will try to get back to you promptly. Good luck in your boot hunt!

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