Vintage Leather Cowboy Boots

Vintage Leather Boots

You see it in everything from automobiles to the shirts hanging in your closet. In the last decade or so, vintage is where it’s at, especially when it comes to vintage clothing , and nothing looks better than a pair of vintage leather boots! I’m not really sure who started the vintage trend. I’m sure it was someone famous such as a singer or some other type of performer. Either way, vintage is back and I believe here to stay. I will admit, I love a lot of different vintage looks. The retro t-shirt, some retro jeans, some new cars these days are going with the classic muscle car look from the 60s and 70s. I think everyone relates to the vintage look because it takes them back to a place and time that reminds them of their youth or maybe time spent with their mom or dad. Something they wish they could re-live again.

Vintage Footwear – Chuck Is His Name And Shoes Are His Game

Vintage Leather boots - Chuck Taylors Vintage ShoesWhen I think of vintage footwear, Chuck Taylors immediately come to mind. A shoe that was made by Converse in the 1920s and was sold and marketed by a guy named Charles “Chuck” Taylor as he taught basketball camps around the country to highschoolers. Soon after, 90 percent of college and pro basketball players were wearing Chuck Taylors. Even military personnel were wearing Chuck Taylors during training. That is something I never knew. I can just imagine seeing a soldier wearing his fatigues, helmet, rifle, and sporting a pair of Chucks. I love that mental image. It’s now 2018 and I challenge you to go out in public and look around. I bet you will see someone sporting a pair of Chucks. Be it a musician, highschooler, or a yuppie drinking their coffee at Starbucks, Chuck Taylors are everywhere and I don’t see them disappearing anytime soon.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

So, you have a vintage shirt that has been hanging in your closet for 20 years, now it’s back in style. Vintage Leather Boots - Really old pair of leather bootsYou grab a pair of jeans from the thrift store that give you that 90s look that you want. One last thing, what are you gonna put on your feet? Have no fear, vintage leather boots are here to save the day! Everything from men’s 50s style leather boots to women’t vintage cowboy boots can be found without a problem. Vintage boots have 3 things going for them that most other types of footwear don’t. The first is comfort. Nothing feels better than slipping your foot into a pair of vintage leather boots. Your feet will thank you later. The second is quality. Vintage boots are made back in the period where quality meant something. It will last longer than the next fad. Third and one of the biggest reasons vintage is back with a boom is STYLE! Bam, look at those boots! Just the sound of them walking across the hardwood floor makes people turn and look. You know that guy or gal has it going on when they are sporting a pair of vintage leather boots.

Soul, Character, Call It What You Want

Vintage boots and clothing have their own soul. Vintage boots are more than just “a old pair of boots”. They are a history of a style, an ar form, and the stories of those who have come before us. Owning and wearing vintage leather boots or any other form of vintage clothing is a way of keeping those people and those histories and that artistry alive. At the end of the day, to wear vintage boots or clothing is to be wrapped in history and a time that was once great. That look has definitely come back.  Just take a look at a pair of these distressed cowboy boots that have that vintage look that everyone is looking for. Vintage clothing is simply special and it’s basically like wearing a memory or instance of the past that you really don’t want to forget. Embrace vintage as your future is what I say!

Vintage Leather Boots - Shop with vintage clothing and western wear and boots

Don’t Give Vintage A Second Thought, Wear It Today

I guarantee you have tons of vintage items in your closet or dresser that you wear all the time. From the pair of vintage leather boots in your closet to the fedora one of your friends wear when you are going out to the club, you love your vintage threads. From hats, to shirts, or a pair of old jeans, don’t forget about your feet. There is nothing better than a pair of vintage cowboy boots or the look of a spotless pair of Chuck Taylors. Vintage footwear is where it’s at and you shouldn’t take another step until you try on some of these great shoes or boots!

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