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Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands

I think it’s about time we start talking about the top boot brands out there and not really so much on just one particular boot in itself. There are certain things in life where it really doesn’t matter who makes a certain item that you may buy at say the grocery store or Target, Wal mart, etc… The item may only be a couple bucks or something simplistic, so you really aren’t concerned about the quality like you would be on say a new car. Now saying that, you also have to be careful when buying a product just because of it’s name. There are a lot of companies that have done a great job in their marketing efforts and their name is very popular and they charge big bucks for that name. That is okay if it’s a great product, but I’m sure you can think of a couple right off the top of your head where maybe their product isn’t as good as they would have you think. So today I’m gonna talk about the top 10 cowboy boot brands and why you should check them out before any others.

If they are in this list, it’s not just because of their name. They have made it here because they have a superior product. I’m not gonna sit here and give you some bogus info on a boot brand just because they are popular. One other thing I want to mention, I’m not gonna mention 10 different boot brands. After sitting here and thinking about it, I really can’t come up with that many that I think are worthy of making the cut. That may sound a little strange, but to me when someone says “top 10”, that kind of means you are in a league with higher standards than the norm.

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No particular order for these boot brands – It’s just to close to call!

Stallion Boots – A Newer Brand With An Awesome Look

Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands - Stallion Boots
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Available for men and women.

I’m just constantly impressed by these boots. You never see a commercial, advertisement, radio ad, etc… for these boots. They are pretty pricey, I won’t like, but they are definitely worth it. They aren’t a 100-year-old company like some other companies by any means. They made their debut in 1980 and boy have they made a name for themselves in such a short period of time. Stallion boots and leather goods have definitely caught the attention of the high end fashion world in Europe and the United States. The list of movie starts, singers, famous personalities that wear Stallion boots is second to none!

To me Stallion is kind of in a cowboy boot league of their own. They aren’t a boot I would associate with a cowboy in the bull riding circuit, that’s for sure. You aren’t gonna head out to a working ranch in Oklahoma and see any of the farm hands wearing Stallion boots. These babies are high end made with the most expensive and highest rated quality materials’ money can buy. These are boots that you will see on the fashion runways of Milan, Paris, and New York by all the big names in the fashion industry like Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Céline and Ralph Lauren. Because of this, they definitely have a hefty price tag, so now you have been warned.

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Lucchese Boots – The Name With The Quality To Back It Up

Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands - Lucchese Boots
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Available for men and women.

The name Lucchese has been synonymous with cowboy boots coming up on 150 years. The reason for this is definitely the quality. We know Italians make some of the finest shoes in the world. What happens when an Italian immigrant whose father is a shoemaker immigrates to the United States and their ship arrives in Galveston, Texas? They move to San Antonio and setup a boot making shop and sell boots to the United States Calvary.

Lucchese boots have a great Vision statement: “Celebrating craftsmanship and an adventurous spirit, which brings thee enduring values of the American west to the world!”.

With Lucchese, it really comes down to 3 basic characteristics when making a pair of boots. Fit, comfort and style. With every pair of their boots, you know you will be getting all three.

Rios Of Mercedes Boots – A Family Name Long On Tradition

Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands - Rios Of Mercedes Boots
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Available for men and women.

This is another brand that has been around for a long time. Almost 170 years to be exact. Besides quality materials’ and boot makers that have more experience most boot makers could dream of, Rios of Mercedes boots are very well-known for the fit of their boots. The way the leather is cut for each particular type of material they are using is kept in mind so they stretch the hide of the leathers from side to side over the ball of the foot where other boots may slip and slide. Especially in boots that use synthetic components. Rios boots practically mold to your feet and you can feel this in every step.

Rios of Mercedes has made boot making a science and knows that certain leathers will stretch or not stretch as much to fit your foot depending on what it’s made from (i.e. calf skin, stingray, kangaroo, ostrich, etc…). When you understand some of the intricacies of boot making such as this, you end up making a quality pair of boots that others just can’t match. If you haven’t tried Rios of Mercedes, you’re missing out!

Black Jack Boots – Exotic Leather Boot Experience Like No Other

Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands - Black Jack Boots
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Available here for guys only, sorry ladies’.

I’m gonna start off by saying that Black jack made the list because they have some excellent boots that are top quality. For a boot company that has only been around less than 25 years, they sure do seem to know what they are doing. With that be said, you really don’t want to visit their website. It’s absolutely atrocious. Very hard to navigate, no prices, I don’t know if they are ladies’ boots, men’s boots, or what. You can’t search for anything on the site and it’s just basically not very user-friendly. One other thing, you can’t even buy them from their site, so there really isn’t a reason to go there.

Thank god you can get them at Pinto Ranch where Black Jack makes many a pair specifically just for them. You can get the price and any other info you need on this great boot. Black Jack has a 100 step process when making their handmade boots. That process starts with using the best top quality leathers form around the world to ensure fit, comfort and durability.

Black jack is committed to produce the finest all-leather, handmade boot in the United States and will not waiver from this. The satisfaction of every customer is their first priority and they exceed this with every pair of boots they make!

Old Gringo Boots (Ladies) – Vintage Charm With Contemporary Style

Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands - Old Gringo Ladies Boots
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I’m gonna only mention Old Gringo’s ladies’ boots here only because Pinto Ranch does’t offer men’s boots for whatever reason, therefore we don’t know very much about them. From what we can tell though, they look to be some pretty good boots. Especially if you want to use the ladies’ boots from Old Gringo to use as a baseline.

Old Gring has made the list because we love how Old Gring incorporates a contemporary look along with the traditional western style into women’s cowboy boots. There are 3 things they believe in when designing and producing their boots and that is art, quality, and innovation. Another boot brand that is really new in the boot world. Old Gringo started back in 2000 and they decided to make each and every boot its own experience with its own personality.

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The company was started by Ernie Tarut who had years of experience in leather manufacturing and Yan Ferry who is a master of European design. The combination morphed into a beautiful western boot that is known as Old Gringo today.

“It is and always will be about making the right pair of boots. You know those boots you always turn to and never want to take off” – Ernie Tarut, President & The Old Gringo

Tony Lama Boots – Have To Include A Legend

Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands - Tony Lama Boots
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If you are new to the cowboy boot world or have been wearing them for sometime, you’ve most likely heard of Tony Lama. One reason I’m adding them to the list is because they have always made a great quality boot and they make them in all price ranges, so almost anyone can afford a pair. You can literally get a pair for just over a hundred bucks or you can go high end at over a thousand.

Tony Lama boots have been called “The boot of the American west” since 1911. This guy actually started in the boot industry as an apprentice at age 11 and that experience still shows today in every pair of their boots. Quality and a comfortable boot fit are key characteristics they stride for in every pair they sell. Each pair of Tony Lama’s can be considered a true work of art and are handcrafted with the finest materials’ available. When you wear a pair of Tony Lamas, people know it.

That’s Enough Boots To Last For A while

Well, I told you we wouldn’t be talking about 10 brands. But, if you count that some of these brands are for men and women, then you get a total of almost 10, so that works in my opinion. What really matters is that I think those are the best brands out there and I didn’t want to waste your time with some lesser boots. If that’s what you are going for, shop for some boots on Amazon or some other site that that just throws some boots on the screen and doesn’t give you any information on the brand or specifics about the boot itself. That’s no way to find your new favorite pair of cowboy boots.

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There’s two ways you can look at it when buying a pair of boots. You can buy something that’s cheap, from a company that is just throwing boots out there that are low price, low quality, and really don’t care about you the individual or their boot for that matter. Or you can fork out a little more money and buy a pair of boots one someone like the brands we mentioned above. There you know what you are getting. You are getting a boot made from the upmost highest quality leathers. A boot with the best designers in the industry. A boot made by artisans with more experience than any other boot makers in the world. And last but not least, a boot where you can tell that the boot maker really put their heart and sole into each and every pair they make.

When you get a pair of boots like that, it’s just not a piece of footwear, its something that you will be able to identify with for years to come. A quality product like that, you will acquire an emotional attachment to. You can’t get that from “those other guys”.

Good luck with your boot hunt. If you have any questions or comments, make sure you leave them below and we will get right back with you if need be.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Cowboy Boot Brands”

    1. We Heart Handmade Boots

      I fell in love with their boots awhile ago. I also pronounced Lucchese wrong for over a year lol. Luckily I was straightened out and it’s all good now, but those boots are something else!

    2. Can’t disagree with you more.
      I custom ordered my boots.
      Waited forever to receive order.
      Boots were very uncomfortable to wear.
      Stitching was pathetic.
      Loose threads.
      Return of deposit took forever.
      No apologies for holding my money for ate least four months.

      1. We Heart Handmade Boots

        Where did you order them from? Was it from Pinto? Because if it was, that just doesn’t sound right. Their customer service is second to none! I’ve never heard anyone ever having a problem there. Their return policy is amazing and the quality of the products they sell are outstanding!

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