Square Toed Handmade Cowboy Boots

Square Toe Cowboy Boots!

Alright everybody, it’s time we talk about square toe cowboy boots! Over the past year I’ve been wearing square toe cowboy boots much more frequently than any other time in my cowboy boot wearing life. So before a year ago, I probably wouldn’t go out and buy a pair of square toed boots.

The Truth About Square Toe Cowboy Boots – Visit Jeremiah Craig’s site

I guess I would have to say that I am more of a medium round traditional boot kind of guy or a good pair of Ropers! There are a lot of cowboy boot toe types to choose from, but when it comes down to it, it’s mostly personal taste that should win out on what toe type you choose.  I really like that rounded medium look, so the square toe just never really appealed to me but since companies have been sending me boots and I’m starting to understand why they are made the way they are, I have a new appreciation for square toe cowboy boots and I’m gonna get into why.



Rios of Mercedes Square Toe Elephant Boots

11/12/19 ELEPHANT BOOTS 5 Stars
Review by Vlad on 12 Nov 2019
review stating ELEPHANT BOOTS
Never seen such a great quality, elephant leather is really smooth but solid and with this lightning type folds or textures. I can say its art
Thank you PintoRanch

Incredible quality, stunning craftsmanship and so bad ass!
Nothing but impressed from start to finish with this transaction, the order process was easy, the shipping was fast and the boots were even more stunning in person. The stitching, design and finish are all first class with no detail left out! It is very rare in this day and age you find a business that still values the customers and not just profits. There were several personal touches such as a hand written card that just reinforce the point I will do business there again!
Handmade Square Toe Cowboy Boots PackagingArrival of Handmade Square Toe Cowboy Boots Square Toe Cowboy Boots - Thank You Card from Pinto Ranch

Rios Of Mercedes, Lucchese, Black Jack, and Tony Lama Square Toed Boots
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The return process is easy and free if the boots are not a good fit, thankfully sizing was good and fit 100% as expected. Peter R.Verified Bu yer 

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Ugly Is In The Eye Of The Boot Wearer

So some of you might say “but Jeremiah, their ugly” well that always comes down to personal preference. I know Texas, and Oklahoma and some of those surrounding states really like the square toe and along the East Coast and West Coast as well, except for the West coast cities (don’t even talk to L.A. about square toes, they hate it but they hate a lot of things actually so I take everything that they say with a grain of salt.).

Square Toe Cowboy Boots - Doing work in Some dirty square toed cowboy boots!

Anyways whether you think the square toe looks good or not I gotta be honest, comfort is the main benefit of a square toe boot. You have this wide toe box here which makes it so you can spread your toes out a little bit. You got a little bit more wiggle room literally and it’s comfortable to be in all day. You don’t have anything on the side squeezing your foot. You know it’s a little bit easier to find a fit that’s good for you. Cowboy boots can be tough to fit. So it’s just a comfortable boot because you have so much space in that toe box. Now you might be thinking, but Jeremiah the only reason why their so popular is because the cowboy boot company’s market square toe cowboy boots more frequently than any other to style.

Square Toe For The Fit

Now as of right now, I have seen more square toe cowboy boot ads, not including the Tacoma ads around online and when it comes down to it makes sense that a cowboy boot company would want to market square toe cowboy boots more frequently because it’s just easier to find a good fitting boot because this toe box is so wide the average person can slip their foot into a square toe cowboy boot and most likely find a better fit right off the bat then what they would with a medium round toe or snip toe. The problem is that a lot of times you can go about a half a size smaller than what you would wear in that traditional cowboy boot. So because this toe box is so wide that makes the taper much less. See as you can see here there is much less room in this toe box then there is in this toe box. That makes it possible for a person to come down a half a size. The problem is when you go a half size down that could put the arch position for your foot in the wrong spot so it all depends on the insole that is in the boot. You just wanna make sure that you have that support in the arch area because that could lead to some pretty significant problems down the road. But it makes sense that a cowboy boot company would want to market a square toe cowboy boot more than another toe style just because it fits the average population better and they don’t lose a lot of money making toe styles that don’t feel good for the average population.

Rios of Mercedes Men’s Texas Feral Hog Boots

Rios of Mercedes Mens Texas Feral Hog Boots

Rios of Mercedes Mens Texas Feral Hog Boots

Go hog wild in these rugged boots from South Texas where not only is the feral hog leather harvested, but where these beautiful boots are handmade! This unique boot is made with Texas feral hog leather with black western stitching on the shaft and a classic toe medallion. The flexible hybrid TufFlex sole and cushioned insole provide all day comfort. This casual, square toe boot reflects true western style with Texas flair.

If you’ve tried your hand at hog hunting before and didn’t have much luck, well guess what, now you’re in luck lol! Feral hogs have been a major pain in the you know what for Texans and many other Americans since their unwelcomed introduction! I can literally only 3 things these pigs are good for. Their meat, the pleasure it gives me to hunt them, and these amazing feral hog handcrafted cowboy boots lol.

You want want to wear something that is a conversation piece? LOL, look no farther.  I mean really, what could be better then sitting in a bar and someone casually looking down and asking you what your boots are made from! Seriously, that is gonna be at least a 10 minute discussion and you might even get a free beer out of it.

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Some more awesome western boots by Rios of Mercedes

Great Looks And Comfort Is What It’s All About

A lot of Cowboys are also doing their ranch work on those gator all terrain vehicles, on quads, on tractors, so you could imagine that a cowboy or a ranch worker would just want to be comfortable while their working. They don’t want their toes all squeezed up in that toe box all day for no reason. It makes a good work book is basically what I’m saying. I’ve been using this as a work boot just to do construction here and their. Little odd jobs and I gotta say, it’s a great boot to work in just because it is so comfortable.

It feels like a cowboy boot fit, which I really like because you’re able to keep your feet cool because of the heel slip, there’s a lot of air that can pass through a cowboy boot while you’re working so that leads to less sweat and that leads to less stink and an overall cool comfort feeling that just feels better while your working. I’ve definitely been won over by the square toe and I think you will too.

Are they my favorite toe style? No, not really,  but I do respect them in the lineup of toe styles out there. If you like the square toe, rock it. If you like the traditional medium round toe, rock it. If you like the snip toe, rock it. The most important thing about wearing western boots is that you are wearing cowboy boots. I don’t care what toe style you have, nor should anybody else. Let’s just enjoy cowboy boots together.

By Jeremiah Craig (Square Toe Cowboy Boots)

5 thoughts on “Square Toe Cowboy Boots!”

  1. Firstly thank you for this wonderful post. I really enjoyed your post. I read this post and found a lot of information. I had no idea there were such thing as square toed cowboy boots. Soon I will buy some square toed cowboy boots and share my experience with you. Really your article is helpful to me and other boot lovers.

    I appreciate your article. I will share your article on my social media pages so Others can benefit too. Thank you again for such a beautiful post.

  2. I am not really a cowboy but love to wear boots. I presently have couple of pairs but these are originally owned by my father and the rest are my uncle’s that’s actually . I love to wear on each pair so much longer for even a day but unfortunately I oftenly can’t because they’ve all got the classic rounded designs that really hurt my big toes while wearing them for a few hours.

    Seeing these square toe handmade boots (that can keep my feet cool and comfortable with less sweat and injury) made me realized that I should prioritize not only the looks but especially the comfort of my feet and toes. This also changes my outlook to never compromise comfort just to save penny!

    Thus, one of these pairs can be the first boots purchase i can make in my life ever!

    Thanks a lot!

  3. The square toe cowboy boot looks pretty good to me. This boot is considered too expensive for me. When I am in Melbourne to visit my son, he brings me to the Victoria market. I saw many stores selling this cowboy boot. The store owner invited me to take a seat to wear the boot. I can feel my foot is softly cover by the boot and not like what I expected is rigid inside. I agreed it cannot be cheap to get a pair of leather shoes. But I believed there are still many wealthy people who can buy, and most of them may not have time to go shopping like myself go to the Victoria market. Selling online is a good idea to get this type of customer. You have compiled a great content about elephant boot, but I am sure there are many types of leather boot waiting for you to recommend to the users. Your website has great potential to be a success. Keep up.

  4. My friend at one time wore cowboy boots all the time. But then he moved to a new location where the boots were not so in. Recently he’s been talking about getting boots again, how much have they changed over the last few years. 

    I want to get them a gift for him, but my knowledge of cowboy boots is limited. Another thing I want to make a comment on is the stitching, I ‘ve always seen it as very intricate, any reason for that?

    1. We Heart Handmade Boots

      Cowboy boots are definitely in like no other time in history (except the 1800’s lol).  Celebs, musicians, politicians, mom and dad’s, etc… are wearing them.  The stitching just adds another sign of quality, uniqueness, and another eye catching trait when it comes to these pieces of art.  A lot of these handmade boots are literally pieces of are because of their unique craftsmanship and beauty!

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