Recently, I was searching for a pair of roper cowboy boots online, I came a crossed a beautiful pair of roper’s that I plan on wearing for many years to come!! Now typically I don’t shop for roper cowboy boots online but a friend from work mentioned a site he got his ropers from. So that night, I went home intrigued to order a pair of boots for myself, but for some reason I couldn’t remember the name of the website he mentioned to me earlier; so I searched “Roper cowboy boots for men”, and in relief I found the website.

Searching for some great Roper Cowboy Boots

Browsing through searching for the perfect pair of ropers, I came a crossed a really nice pair of Lucchese’s roper cowboy boots that really caught my eye. The Lucchese Men’s Executive Mocha Bison Roper Boots had my attention and I had to know more!

The first thing I noticed about the roper cowboy boots was the rich mocha bison leather chord pattern that overlays the pony brown color pull straps. They are roper toe, roper heel with about a 1’ heel height and about a 10’ shaft height; just a beautiful boot all around.


The Lucchese Men’s Executive Mocha Bison Roper Boots

Lucchese Men's Executive Mocha Bison roper BootsLucchese Men's Executive Mocha Bison roper BootsLucchese Men's Executive Mocha Bison roper Boots

Men’s Western Cowboy Boots – Choices, Choices, Choices

I didn’t want to purchase the first pair that caught my eye, so I continued looking. The next pair of boots that caught my attention were the Blackjack Caiman Belly Roper Cowboy Boots. These boots were rich chocolate brown leather simple cord with caiman belly overlays finished off with a simple stitch pattern towards the top of the shaft. They have a ‘4’ Blackjack roper toe, and a ‘7’ Blackjack roper heel along with a 1’ heel height and 10’ shaft height; another great looking boots.

So then I was stuck to make a decision about which of the two roper cowboy boots I should buy… So what I decided to do was sleep on it. Usually when I make instantaneous decisions, I usually end up making the wrong decisions… So that’s what I did. I woke up around 8am, started making coffee, took a shower started my day.

While enjoying my coffee, I felt this was the perfect time to decide which boot I’d choose out of the two that I was considering the night before. Did I want the first pair of roper cowboy boots I saw which were the Lucchese’s with the rich mocha bison leather boots or did I want the Caiman Belly Roper Cowboy boots with the rich chocolate brown leather with the caiman belly overlay. I was stumped.

With A Great Pair Of Roper Boots Comes Great Responsibility

Then, after a few minutes, I started thinking of another possibility. I’ve always considered the western rustic look as a nice look for roper cowboy boots, so I started browsing through. Scrolling and scrolling trying to find the right pair of boots I decided to search for it directly. So, I searched for the key word itself. “Men’s Western Cowboy Boots” and Pinto Ranch came back up again. So, then I went back onto and triple checked to make sure I didn’t miss any of their other boots. AND THEN…. I found them!!

The Lucchese Men’s Chocolate Ultra Caiman Crocodile roper cowboy boots. These boots are AMAZING!!! These chocolate roper boots are made of caiman crocodile belly with a calfskin shaft. There are stitched designs on the collar, and Caiman Overlays on the Kennedy Pull Straps.




I was in love with these boots, I had to have them! I go and look at the price and they are $1,650. I couldn’t believe it!! Nearly $1700 dollars for a pair of roper cowboy boots….ahhh…but maybe they’re worth it… a thought that appeared in my head.

When The Pros Outweigh The Cons, It’s An Easy Choice

Thinking in my head endlessly of the pros and cons of the expensive purchase. So the cons are they’re $1,650 dollars which is expensive for a pair of romper boots, and the pros, the boots seem really comfortable, they’re one of the most beautiful pair of romper boots I’ve seen, and to top it off… it comes with a 1 year warranty and there’s free shipping.

So, I decided the pros outweighed the cons and I purchased the boots. I couldn’t resist them… The Lucchese Men’s Chocolate Ultra Caiman Crocodile boots are going to be arriving at my house in 5-7 business days!! I couldn’t wait… As the days started to get closer to the 5th day I started to rethink about things. One of my main concerns was that I wasn’t able to try on the boots before buying them. Typically, I wear an 11.5 but with these I wanted to get a little bigger just in case, so I went with a 12. So, I’m praying they’re the right fit.


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New Roper Cowboy Boots Is Like Christmas Morning

Getting a new pair of Men's Roper Cowboy Boots for Christmas!FINALLY, THEY CAME… I was so excited… I opened the box and there they were! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh brand-new leather. I pulled them out of the box, slipped each foot into the boots stood up and I felt like a million bucks! I can’t even begin to explain to you how comfortable these boots are. I’ve never worn a more comfortable boot in my life! I started walking around in them and they were a perfect fit. I think it was a good idea I got 12, they weren’t too loose, weren’t too tight, just a perfect fit.

Although the boots are a little pricey, I would say I’m happy about my purchase and I think I handled the decision process well on determining which pair of roper cowboy boots I should purchase. If I had to choose between the other two before I would have most likely chosen, the Lucchese Men’s Executive Mocha Bison Roper Boots.

For all people debating on where to get roper cowboy boots for men or women, I suggest going to It can be exciting and stressful determining the boots to order, but If I were to suggest advice I would say don’t rush into picking one, look around at your options, sleep on it if you have to, but patience is a virtue and i’m happy I found my perfect pair of Roper cowboy boots.

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Article by Keith Baumann


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