Men's Biker Boots

Men’s Biker Boots!

Through my search of a great pair of biker boots, I stumbled upon Hat Country. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Why in the world would I go to a place called Hat Country to look for a pair of boots? Yeah, they have hats, belts, pants, etc… etc… etc… but they also have a great selection of boots and I’m here to tell you about the awesome selection of men’s biker boots. They have a great selection of boots of all kinds if you really want to know, but I want to discuss some of their great options for men’s biker boots. I’ll get in to their great selection of women’t biker boots in another great post. Amidst the revving of a Harley Davidson, among the tanned hides of sporty biker jackets, and even the raucous laughter of the nearby pubs and bars, these boot selections are great for both their style and their comfort around both the ankles and heels. Some feature studs, harnesses, and even raging flames that dance around these wonderful pairs of boots. You want a pair of these boots, you need a pair of these boots. Also, available in may different styles and colors that match your tastes and preferences. Hat Country features many quality handmade biker boots from brands like Dingo, Laredo, and even Abilene.

Men's Biker Boots - Guy Wearing Biker Boots

The biker culture has expanded from many ages, races, and genders and now what was once seen as only enjoyed by a select few are now enjoyed by plenty of consumers of this great product. Biker boots, of any brand, have several attributes that aid in riding and durability. For example, for wet weather riding some of these boots have a waterproof membrane lining. To add ease with getting the boot on, some shafts have Velcro or strap fasteners and feature a lengthwise opening. Some boots are made with composite plating to protect the rider’s shin.

There are so many options and so much availability of an abundance of features, colors, and styles, that even you too can enjoy a pair of men’s biker boots from Hat Country all at affordable prices. There are many boots for sale on their site and you can’t go wrong with any of them, but I picked a few that stood out to me and I couldn’t help but share them with you in this post.

Dingo Rev Up

Men's Biker Boots - Dingo Rev Up Men's Biker Boots

As I’ve said before, Hat Country has some amazing boot brands, but the ones that are most prominently displayed are the Dingo brands. The first pair of biker boots that I wanted to talk about which are crafted by Dingo is the Dingo Rev Ups. These aptly named handmade biker boots are great for hog riders and aficionados alike. Although it has a 7’’ shaft, which is shorter than normal, this pair of boots sport a side zipper making it easier to strap on and off. This makes the Rev Up boots ride ready, getting you on the road faster and keeping you on the road longer.This pair of Dingos offer a relaxed fit with its cushioned insoles, securing your feet during the ride or even the occasional stroll. The out soles of these boots are made with an oil-resistant membrane making it resistant to anything that life throws at them. With the level of resistance, that thick, protective leather will last you for quite some time, making the Rev Ups or any Dingo brand boots a great addition to your biker wardrobe. Featuring a square toe and a cowboy heel, they are available in both brown and black.

  • Harness Boot
  • Genuine Leather
  • 7 in. Shaft with Zipper
  • Cushion Insole
  • Square Toe
  • Oil Resistant Out Sole
  • Cowboy Heel

Dingo Chopper

Men's Biker Boots - Dingo Chopper Men's Biker BootsThe Dingo brand has produced and manufactured some great boots and the Dingo Choppers are clearly no exception. The Dingo Chopper is the epitome of American pride and tradition, available at an inexpensive cost. This pair of boots with their black coloring and 12’’ shaft, accentuates the sleek and sheer power of that ride that you have in your garage.Their sleek design is aided by the Dingo comfort cushion insole to protect your feet while enduring the rumble of your motorcycle. Like the other boots in the Dingo brand, they feature oil resistance and heat resistance to protect the leather out sole of this stylish boot. A touch of class is added with its characteristic eagle shield harness and kick plated toe. With fast shipping and an affordable price point, you could have a pair of these amazing handmade biker boots in as little as two weeks and be ready to hit the road like no other.

  • Leather Material
  • Eagle Harness Strap
  • 12 inch Shaft
  • Comfort Cushion Insole
  • Plated Square Toe
  • Oil Resistant Out Sole
  • Dogger Heel

Dingo Dean

Men's Biker Boots - Dingo Dean Men's Biker Boots

After a long day on the road or a long day at the job, there are many people looking for a pair of biker boots that can play both roles with lasting durability. That is where the Dingo Dean boots fit into the picture. This pair of handmade cowboy boots from Dingo, comes in a variety of colors and sports insole cushions that add stability and ease of wear.No matter if you’re riding for miles on a fresh, clean chopper or hauling away at your 9-5, these boots will surpass your expectations. An 11’’ shaft and square toe with a walking heel will provide a snug fit while working or playing, further accentuating its status as to what I would call a “hybrid” boot. They, like the other sets of Dingo biker boots, are made with oil resistant out soles that will let that leather outlast any other boots.

  • Leather Material
  • 11 inch Shaft
  • Cushion Insole
  • Square Toe
  • Oil and Chemical Resistant Out Sole
  • Walking Heel

-Some awesome women’s biker boots for the ladies right here!-

What Do Biker Boots Say About You?

What do the say you ask? Well, they say whatever in the heck you want them to say! I personally don’t think you should put a label on someone just because they are wearing men’s biker boots, hiking boots, cowboy boots or whatever. Wear what you want to wear, what you feel is comfortable, and what think might help you stand out in the crowd. Live a little for Pet’s sake! You don’t need a motorcycle to wear a certain type of boot. I guarantee every single guy that you see wearing a pair of cowboy boots doesn’t have a horse! I guarantee when you walk in a room full of people wearing the same vanilla this or that, a pair of biker boots will help you to stand out. I mean, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Dingo Rob

Men's Biker Boots - Dingo Rob Men's Biker Boots

We have seen many types of biker boots from the site and Hat Country and Dingo alike did not disappoint with the addition of the Dingo Robs. These boots are well favored for the Dingo’s cushion insole and the sturdy leather material. They have an average sized shaft at 11’’, but they are set apart from their kin by the addition of the Roper Toe.Like the other Dingo boots, the out sole has a membrane coating that adds oil and chemical resistance. Built with a walking heel, the Rob boots can add grip while you’re riding and comfort while you’re strolling. Strapped together with a strap and buckle at the top and ankle of the boot, they make for easier in-and-out of the boot. The Dingo Rob, like other Dingo brands, will not let you down while tearing through the streets.

  • Leather Material
  • 11 inch Shaft
  • Cushion Insole
  • Roper Toe
  • Oil and Chemical Resistant Out Sole

Laredo East Bound

Men's Biker Boots - Laredo East Bound Men's Biker Boots

You feel like heading East Bound? Ha, I’m kidding, but the Laredo East Bound biker boots are no laughing matter, they are a hybrid of both a cowboy boot and a biker boot. Laredo is also well-known for their cowboy boots so it was no surprise to me when I noticed the hybrid nature of the East Bounds.My favorite color, black, makes a complete show in these pair of boots and the dipped opening brought me back to the rodeo. This boot, made of pigskin leather, boasts a 12’’ shaft, R Toe, and a cowboy heel. Similar to the Dingo brand and the other brands featured on Hat Country, these boots have a cushion insole that will absorb the shock of your steps and add comfort to your ride. The Laredo’s trucker out sole has oil and chemical resistance as well, allowing you to stay on your motorcycle and ride for ages, without slipping. So, if you want a taste of the rodeo while riding high on the hog, then the Laredo East Bound boots are an excellent choice.

  • Genuine Pigskin Leather
  • 12 inch Shaft
  • R Toe
  • Hinged Cushion Insole
  • Heavy Duty Trucker Out Sole
  • Cowboy Heel

Hat country has a great selection of Men’s Biker Boots Here, so check them all out!

Biker Boots – Some of Hat Country’s Finest

Hat Country is undoubtedly one of the finest sites for biker boots and feature many brands such as Laredo and Dingo, some of these great, amazing selections of biker boots can be found on Hat Country. No matter if you spend your time riding the highways or strolling into bars like a night owl, this site has a pair of boots tailored to fit your wants and needs. Biker boots have made a significant mark on the boot industry, worn by many people, and in many cultures. It is no wonder that Hat Country has many of these wonderful boots for sale on their site. From the short shafted Rev Up to the hybrid Laredo East Bounds, Hat Country will not disappoint the handmade motorcycle boot connoisseur. Each of their boots sport many attributes that make riding a bike, strolling, or working easier on your feet and increasing grip on your ride. The thick leather is sturdy and can handle some wear and tear and the membrane coating protects the boots from oil, heat, and even chemicals. These qualities and more make biker boots a great choice for any consumer. There is an allure here with these boots, they aren’t just a pair of boots, they are an icon for motorcyclists and motorcyclist fashion. So, if you can see yourself in a pair of Dingos or the Laredos, then you can not go wrong with a pair of handmade biker boots from Hat Country.

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