Great Selection of Handmade Boots

Handmade Leather Boots

Handmade Leather Boots - Great Selection of Handmade BootsLet’s say you walk into a store or are browsing the internet for a new pair of boots. To your left you see a pair of machine made boots that look perfectly acceptable. On the RIGHT, you see a pair of handmade leather boots that don’t look much different from the machine made pair. Which one should you choose? You ask yourself, are handmade boots really any better than factory made store bought boots? Are these boots really worth the extra price? Will they last any longer from the other boots? One word you need to know is quality! I could seriously say this until I’m blue in the face, but it’s the truth. Nothing beats handmade craftsmanship. A machines purpose is to produce products quickly and efficiently to increase profits. You’re a smart shopper, I bet you choose the RIGHT one!

Just Like Food, It’s All About The Ingredients

I could seriously say this until I’m blue in the face, but it’s the truth. Nothing beats handmade craftsmanship. A machines purpose is to produce product with speed to increase profits. You don’t even know what kind of leather you are getting with machine made boots. More often than not, you will be getting artificial leather with machine made boots and they don’t last nearly as long or mold to your feet like real leather. The strength and durability of handmade leather boots is second to none. You get this because of the expertise and care making these shoes that only a handcrafted artisan can give you. If you find a pair of boots that just say “leather” or “leather boots”, most likely that is an artificial leather or a low grade leather. My recommendation is to look for “full grain” somewhere in the description of the boot. Full grain tends to look better, is more durable, and ages exceptionally well. Most importantly, full grain leather is of top quality. If you see “Bonded leather”, please stay away. Bonded leather is basically the same as particle board. Bits and pieces of leather that are pressed together. One other leather I would like to mention that could be very confusing is “Genuine leather”. This is great for leather suede but horrible for boots. If you see “top grain”, this is basically second best. It’s just below full grain. Very durable, but not near as “sexy” looking as full grain leather.

What Was Cool Today, Might Not Be Tomorrow

Handmade Leather Boots - Selection of Leather Cowboy BootsCall me crazy, but keeping up with the fashion trend of today is kind of like chasing down the ice cream man with no shoes on. You’re right on his heels, but just can’t seem to keep up. When it comes to men’s fashion, I’m kind of at a loss for words. Between shirts, pants, jeans, and footwear, it’s kind of a nightmare. One thing you can always count on is a great pair of vintage leather boots. Once you find a great pair of handmade boots, you may think that you traveled back in time to find such a pair that feel that good on your feet. You know
they aren’t literally from another time, but they sure feel like they are. Hold on to those boots. They are worth their weight in gold. The title of this paragraph is “What was cool today, might not be tomorrow”. I feel this really isn’t so when it comes to boots. Especially a pair of handmade leather boots. They always have been and always will be cool in my opinion. That’s really the beauty of a good pair of leather boots, they look great with a t-shirt and jeans or a pair of your favorite khakis and a sports coat. When you get a pair, they will become some of the most versatile footwear in your closet.

The Cobbler is back in business

Handmade Leather Boot CobblerI will guarantee you that most people have never used a cobbler. Why would you? Most footwear that you buy, Nike, Adidas, or your typical buy one get one ladies footwear is usually worn till a heel falls off or tread has worn down and then gets pitched in the trashcan. Off to the shoe store to buy another pair. Well, that is something you don’t or won’t want to do with a pair of handmade leather boots. When we talk about the life of your boots, we are talking decades, not months or a year like your favorite sneakers. Sure, you might have to get them resoled a couple times, but it’s worth it. When you bought handmade, you paid a little more for them and this is why. The quality, the feel, and the durability. If you didn’t get a pair of boots that are re-soleable, you messed up. These boots will last for decades. Due to the popularity of such handmade footwear these days, the cobbler is back and he or she is here to stay. You definitely won’t need them very often, but it’s good to know that they are here to help you keep your boots on your feet and hitting the pavement or trail whenever you need them with the proper boot care.

You Have The Info, Now Pick Your New Favorite Pair

You know they are a little more expensive, but they will definitely pay for themselves in spades. They look great, are durable and can pretty much be worn with whatever is in style at the moment. You’ve seen pictures of boots from 60 years ago, 30 years ago, and 5 years ago. Not much has changed. They were cool back then and they will be cool 20 years from now. You know what to look for and what to stay away from. The only thing from stopping you at this point is you. Once you buy a pair of handmade leather boots, you will be kicking yourself for not buying a pair earlier.

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