Where To Get Great Cowboy Boots For Women?

I hate having to navigate the endless sales, ads, commercials, etc… for products that are either complete junk or not as good as they claim to be. Cowboy boots are no exception. So I decided to take a few moments and tell you exactly where to get great cowboy boots for women that you will love!

For starters, I’m going to list 2 places that I do most of my western shopping. I’ve bought most of my boots mainly from Pinto Ranch and Hat Country. You may ask, “Why don’t you go directly to the manufacturer?”. Good question. Well I’ve looked at doing that and both of these places charge the same amount for the same pair of boots as the manufacturer. I guess the manufacturer gives them a deal and that is how they make money. Secondly, some of these brands’ make exclusive styles or pairs of boots just for them. Especially Pinto Ranch. They have a ton of boots on their site you just won’t find anywhere else, even on the manufacturers’ website. Last but not least, I love that they have a ton of other products that go great with my boots. Dresses, hats, belts, jewelry and accessories that you just won’t see if you go to Old Gringo’s website or the other brands’ website.

Women’s Cowboy Boots Clearance

I really don’t believe in saving the best for last, so I’m gonna start right out showing you some great boots that are on sale. Just a couple of examples. Two things that I do want to mention right off the bat. There is a big difference between Hat Country and the boots you get at Pinto Ranch. I’ll explain below.

Womens CowboyBoots Sale

Pinto Ranch Women’s Wester Wear– The cowgirl boots (and cowboy boots for the guys) are definitely a little more on the “higher end” when it comes to brand names and price. You won’t find a pair of $75 or even a $100 boots here. They carry brand names like Rios Of Mercedes, Tony Lama, Stallion, Lucchese, etc… The lowest cost pair of boots I found here was a pair of Lane women’s Ballyhoo Bootie boots for $262.50. They were on sale from $350. The most expensive pair of boots I saw were almost $1,900. A pair by Old Gringo. As I said, there aren’t any cheap boots here, but the quality is superb! These won’t be a pair of boots where the heel snaps off after a month of wear. I bought my first pair here about 4 years ago and I still wear them quite a bit. Here is a link to all the cowboy boots for women on clearance. They also have cowboy boots for your man so don’t be afraid to wander over there and check those out. Oh, I almost forgot, they have a great selection of belts, handbags, jewelry, etc… You can find a link to all of that right HERE. I’ve bought several pairs of boots and articles of clothing and some jewelry here. Two things that stand out about Pinto Ranch to me is the quality and their customer service. Any problems and you are definitely in good hands. Returns / exchanges are a breeze and won’t cost you anything.

Hat Country – If I were gonna describe Hat Country, it would be Pinto Ranch’s thrifty sister. I don’t want to sound like I’m putting them down, but they just don’t have the brands’ that Pinto does. When it comes to women’s boots, they have several brand names like Dan Post, Dingo, Laredo, etc…, but in my experience these names don’t really compare to the brands’ I named from Pinto Ranch. You are definitely gonna have to play around with navigating around the site when looking for the lowest price boots. You can sort by price, the biggest savings, new boots, most popular, etc… Definitely find some great deals though. I found several pairs under $100 and the most expensive pair was $300 I think. That’s a huge difference compared to Pinto Ranch.

To be completely honest, I haven’t bought that many items from Hat Country. I haven’t had a problem with any of the apparel so I really didn’t get to check out their customer service like I have Pinto Ranch where I needed to return a pair of boots to get the right fit. Both places offer free shipping and a section that shows reviews from customers. If you are looking for clearance items and you do visit Hat Country, check out their special “Clearance Section“. Tons of great deals that will go easy on your wallet.

Popular Brands Of Women’s Cowboy Boots

In case you are new to the cowgirl boot world, I just wanted to give you some general info on my favorite brand names of women’s cowboy boots. I’m not gonna name them all, but this should be a good start. As I said earlier, there is a big difference between the names you will see at Pinto Ranch and the names from Hat Country. I will say for sure that all the brands’ from Pinto Ranch are excellent. The quality is top-notch and whoever you talk to, it usually comes down to personal preference. I’ll start with Pinto Ranch.

Womens CowboyBoots Brands

Old Gringo Boots – I wanted to start with Old Gringo because for starters, I have 3 or 4 pairs. Also, they have the largest selection of boots at Pinto Ranch with 43 (as I write this article). Old Gringo boots are handcrafted and combine vintage charm with contemporary styling in their take on western cowgirl boots. This is by far one of my favorite brands’. Not just because of the selection they offer, but the quality. Anytime I get a new outfit, I know Old Gringo has a pair of boots that I can count on to compliment it. If you can’t find a pair of Old Gringos, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Stallion Boots For Women – These boots are insane! When you asked “Where do I get great boots for women”, these are it. When I talk about cowboy boots walking down the red carpet in New York or Milan, they are most likely a pair of Stallion boots. That goes for either men or women. They definitely have a hefty price tag, but wow, are they incredible! I don’t know if the word “cute” adequately describes them. Sleek, gorgeous, sexy, you name it, you are living your best life with a pair of these babies. I had to look them up and found they are relatively new in the boot world. They come from a famous designer named Pedro Munoz in 1980 and are known throughout the runways of Paris, Milan and New York as well as among Hollywood stars. These are the boots to be jealous over if you ask me.

There are some other great brands that I just don’t have time to talk about from Pinto Ranch like Lucchese, Rios of Mercedes, Tony Lama, Lane, and a couple others. If you know cowboy boots, you have definitely heard of some of these brands’. Some others might be new. But as I said, if they are from Pinto, they all are of top quality. These are the best of the best when it comes to women’s cowboy boots in my opinion. You can find all of Pinto’s women’s cowboy boots here.

Two pairs that I want to mention from Hat Country are Dan Post boots and Laredo. Both of these brands’ are a really good boot especially for the price. There are 22 pairs of Laredo boots from which you can choose and 14 pairs of Dan Post boots to choose from. With the average price being around $150, these are just a great pair of every day boots or something you won’t mind getting a little dirty. I have a pair of Laredos and I think they are really comfortable and well-made for that price. I don’t think they will last as long as my Old Gringos, but I am pleased with them.

Cowboy Boots Sale 30% Off On Already Low Sale Price

Where Can We Wear Our New Cowboy Boots?

Oh what a great time to be alive! That’s what I think of when someone asks me “Where can I wear my cowboy boots?”“. Twenty or Thirty years ago it was most likely the rodeo or “honk tonk” bar. God, I hate the phrase “honky tonk”!

Today is a whole different story! A couple of reasons for this I believe. One of the biggest reasons is because of their popularity. These days, you don’t have to be “country” to wear cowboy boots. I see actresses, musicians, and people that just aren’t country wearing cowgirl boots all the time. Be it’s on the red carpet or magazines, but you know you’ve seen it as well. I guarantee you I can grab a Vogue and find a pair of cowboy boots in one of the articles or advertisements.

Because of their popularity, people are wearing them with not only their favorite pair of jeans, but also dresses, shorts and even leggings. With more options of things to wear comes more places to wear them.

Cowboy Boot Wedding

Weddings, another place that cowboy boots have become super popular. I can’t even tell you how many weddings I’ve been to in the last 5 years where the bride and groom were wearing cowboy boots. Same goes for the entire wedding party. I think the boots drew more attention than the gown. That’s how iconic cowboy boots have become.

I think you get the idea. Your options are endless and I really can’t think of a place where you “can’t” wear cowboy boots. My only recommendation would be don’t wear them somewhere that you don’t want to attract attention lol. They definitely get you noticed, especially in a room full of people where nobody is wearing a pair. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not. You make the call.

Women’s Cowboy Boots Don’t Need To Be Tall

What was that, you would like to change the question to “Where can a woman get a great pair of short cowboy boots?”. Well damn, that is a good question!

There’s no question that shorter shaft cowboy boots have become pretty popular over the years. Looking at them I would consider them an ankle boot or high ankle boot with a little bit of country in them. That is what I love about them and gives you such a different look than wearing the traditional women’s cowboy boot.

I found 3 pairs of them made by Old Gringo at Pinto Ranch. They don’t have a large selection to offer and I think they may be because of the brands’ they offer. The big names like Lucchese, Tony Lama, etc… focus more on the traditional styles, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some in the near future. I haven’t bought a pair yet, but I really like the black bonnie’s. Here’s a link to all 3 pairs.

It was a little harder to sort out the shorter boots at Hat Country. They were pretty much “ankle boots”in my opinion and not even really cowgirl boots. There were 1 or 2 decent pairs there, but you are gonna have to look around. If you search you can get mixed up between cowboy boots, fashion boots, etc… I definitely like the layout of Pinto Ranch much better. It just seems easier to find what I’m looking for. Here is a link to the shorter style of boots at Hat Country.

Are Cowboy Boots In Style?

This is a frequently asked question and I went ahead and threw this section in the article even though I think I’ve answered it above “Where Can We Wear Our New Cowboy Boots?”.

Yes, cowboy boots are definitely in style! Major clothing designers like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and many others are showcasing their clothing walking down the runway with cowboy boots. You can also see them walking down the red carpet from the likes of Storm Read, Amber Heard, Gigi Hadid, Kesha are all stars you will find sporting the latest look in women’s fashion, the cowboy boot!

Famous designers, stars of stage, screen and your favorite band. These are all people wearing cowboy boots in the last couple of years. If that’s not in style, I just don’t know what is.

Cowgirl Boots For Girls

You asked where you can get great cowboy boots for women, but don’t forget cowboy boots for the kids! We’ve already said they are in style and you can wear them just about anywhere. You know your sister, daughter, niece, etc… is gonna want a pair of cowboy boots. Luckily you have options.

I’m gonna also just mention that there are some cowboy boots for the boys here. I want to mention that because we all know who’s most likely to be picking these out. Mom, Nanna, Auntie, you get the picture. I have a niece that just had to have a pair of cowgirl boots when she saw mine. I was absolutely in love with the idea! How freaking cute would that be and how jealous could I make her mom (my sister)!

Womens Cowboy Boots Kids

I grabbed my laptop and since I had boots on my mind I immediately started to go to Pinto Ranch and then my stomach started to get a little queasy. I love her to death, but I’m not buying her a $200 pair of named brand boots. I could literally see her running through the sprinkler with them on. Starting to not like this idea at all. To my relief, they have boots for kids and they don’t have the same price tag as my pair of Old Gringos. They have 2 brand names (Anderson Bean for the boys & Macie Bean for the girls). I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s the same brand, just different names for boys and girls. This would make sense. As you would expect, there aren’t a ton of different styles, but there is a decent selection. 10 in total and 6 are for the boys and 4 for the girls. Prices ranged from $95 for the least expensive and $155 for the most expensive. You can find all 10 pairs of boots for the kiddos right here.

A little bit different story when it comes to boots for the kids at Hat Country. There isn’t one link for them, they are separated by boys and girls. For the girls, there are 5 different pairs by Dan Post, Laredo, and Blazin. They are definitely cheaper than Pinto where the cheapest pair goes for $50 and the most expensive goes for $72. Between the Pinto and Hat Country, the boots really don’t look the same, so you might have to look at both and make up your own mind. I think the pairs I saw on Pinto’s site look a little cuter and something my nice would like better, but you be the judge.

As for boys boots at Hat Country, there are 8 different pairs and they are run around $50. I really liked the American flag pair by DBL Barrel. I bet that’s their most popular pair. All the boys boots are by DBL Barrel and Blazin.

You Now Know Where They Are

Well, you asked where to get great cowboy boots for women and I hope I answered your question. You should not have a problem finding a size, style, or brand name that you like.

I picked Hat Country and Pinto Ranch because I think they combine everything you might be looking for. If it’s a pair of high end boots that you want to show off with your favorite little black dress or something to kick around in with your boyfriend. I think between the 2 you can find that and everything in between.

Popular brands’ and low prices with a ton of boots on sale. I think you should be able to find what you want. I know I never have a problem finding something cute.

Cowboy boots are definitely in style and have been for a few years not and I really don’t see that trend slowing down anytime soon. You can wear them with just about anything and just about anywhere.

Hat Country and Pinto Ranch are my “2 stop shop” for cowboy boots, and other western goodies that I know you will love. If you have any questions, let me know below in the comments and I will be happy to tell you my thoughts. From the bottom of my heart, I hope I helped you find your new favorite pair of cowboy boots!

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