Are These Boots A No No?

So you finally decided to dive into the world of owning your first pair of cowboy boots. Heck, maybe you already have a pair, but are looking to change it up a bit. I have put together a basic guide on what to look for, the different names, and some materials you can also find that make up these wonderful pieces of footwear that are considered by many as works of art. Way back in yester year, there wasn’t too much to choose from. Lucky for you, cowboy boots have come a long way. There are many styles, colors, and types of material to choose from. I’m sure you will find something that fits your style.

Toe Shape – Something You Usually Don’t Think About

When it comes to cowboy boots, toe shape is everything. You should consider yourself lucky that you have such a wide range of looks and styles to choose from. Each toe shape says something unique about you as a person. There are four main types of toe shaped boots.

Cowboy Boots styles for toe types

  1. Pointed Toe: Pointed toe cowboy boots is what usually comes to mind when you think of “cowboy boots” or see your favorite cowboy on stage and screen. You may think these boots will be uncomfortable because they would squeeze your toes together, but have no fear, the boot maker adds extra room at the end of the boot to accommodate for this. Whatever size your foot is, you won’t have a problem wearing that same size in pointed toe cowboy boots.
  2. Rounded Toe: Exactly the opposite of pointed toes would be the rounded toe cowboy boots. These boots have a more comfortable and casual look to them and are great for people with wider feet. You may want to look into the “Roper” style cowboy boot if you have wider feet or prefer that extra room for your toes. These boots were
    made for spending lots of time on your feet or working around the barn.
    If that’s what your looking for, this boot is the perfect choice!
  3. Square Toe: The square toe boot is a recent addition to the cowboy boot family. They really don’t serve much purpose except for being a fashion statement. You can find square toe boots with either a long pointed toe that end up squaring off at the end, or a bit wider that square off like and resemble a Roper style boot. Pointed toe boots favor the person on horseback where rounded toe favors the person on foot working around the barn. The square toe boot will work for either of these situations.
  4. Broad Squared Toe: This boot is basically a variation of the square toed boot, but with more room. This style of boot was practically nonexistent a couple years ago, but has become super popular as of late because of its stylish looks and being super comfortable. The perfect boot for someone on their feet for long periods of time and for someone that might not be so into the pointed toe look (like me).

Alligator, Ostrich, And Rattlesnake – Oh My!

Well, if you thought picking out what type of toed boot you need was fun, now it gets real interesting! When you would buy a pair of dress shoes, basically your choices are leather or what? That’s pretty much it if they are a pair of quality shoes. Running shoes consist of leather or it’s ugly cousin “pleather”. Not much of a selection and really there isn’t a need for it.

Different types of cowboy bootsThis is why I mentioned in the opening paragraph that cowboy boots are sort of a art form. I mean seriously, alligator, ostrich, rattlesnake, eel, cowboy boots and who knows what else. You can practically get boots made out of anything with a freaky skin. I’m surprised Hannibal Lecter wasn’t wearing a pair in The Silence of the Lambs! Oh yeah, forgot to mention calfskin. This of course would be are most common type of boot and what you would see being worn by your typical cowboy. Here are some other materials that you could easily find though in case you are interested: alligator, snake, ostrich, lizard, eel, elephant, stingray, elk, buffalo, and the like. I’m not that flashy of a person, so for me, I prefer calfskin leather. But hey, pick something that is you. Either way, they will be sure to be a conversation starter.

Are These Boots A No No? – Wear What You Want

When it comes to cowboy boots, you are gonna hear a lot of negative talk like “those are real cowboy boots” or “cowboy boots aren’t supposed to have laces!”, etc… etc… etc… Hey, it’s the 21st century. Cowboy boots have progressed over the years to fit the ever-changing needs and styles of the wearer. Most people will tell you that your cowboy boot must have a high heel or a Cuban heel with either a pointed toe or roper style toe. Don’t listen to these boot nay Sayers. Cowboy boots have come a long way and the traditional styles aren’t the only thing out there. Maybe you’re already over 6′ tall and don’t want a high-heeled boot. Maybe you like the look of laces. Maybe you don’t want the traditional style boot that goes all the way up to mid calf. Hey, it’s gonna be your pair of boots, get what you like. Your most likely not gonna be out riding the trail, so the traditional pair of cowboy boots really isn’t what you need.

To Sum It Up – The Choice Is Yours, Have Fun With It!

Pointed Toe or square toe, calf skin or eel skin boots, it’s great to have choices! Like everything else in life, make your own decisions and don’t let some outspoken critics influence your own taste. Cowboy boots have come along way and have drastically changed with the times in some instances. Don’t fear these changes but embrace them. Once you get your first pair of boots, it’s gonna be all that much more fun getting your second. Have fun with it.

Article by Thomas S.


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