Dan Post's Women's Boots

Dan Post Women Boots

Hi everyone, Its Angelique K. here with some awesome information  on Dan Post boots. Cowboy boots are some of the cutest boots you can buy. They are a perfect mix between function and fashion, so I am a huge fan. My personal favorite brand is Dan Post boots. They last forever and are crafted with a lot of quality. I hate when I buy clothes or shoes and the straps break or the heels crack. It feels like I wasted my money! I want something that will actually last more than one season.

Dan Post Women Boots - 2 Pairs of Beautiful Dan Post Ladies Boots

Cowboy boots go with everything. I once went to a wedding and the bride was wearing the cutest pair of black cowboy boots. With a long ballgown, it totally worked! That might be a little wild for you, but skirts,  jeans, dresses and shorts all look good with cowboy boots. Just like they look good with everything, they also look good all the time. I don’t think that they will ever go out of style. They have been in fashion since the 1940s, and haven’t changed much since then, and they are still cute now. If you buy a pair today they will probably still be fashionable for the rest of your life.

Sometime you want feel a little taller, but not “high heel” tall. Sometimes you just need the best women’s cowboy boots for the situation. They add a bit of natural height and they complement your legs really well. You can wear these boots and get comfort and height. They are totally awesome for everyday wear.

So I’m going to show you some factors like durability, comfort, and style that Dan Post women’s boots can offer. This way you can find best boots for you and it will narrow down which boots you actually like. If you know what you like then it will be easier to comparison shop by price. I’ll be including price information and the best features of some of the best Dan Post Boots.  If you want, you can also check out all of the Dan Post women’s cowboy boots from Hat Country here.


Being comfortable in your boots is to me the most important thing. It doesn’t matter how cute the shoes, if they hurt my feet they are destined for one places: the very back on my closet. I see no point of wearing boots that hurt or crush my toes. Many other boots you’d buy they will need a breaking in period to get really comfortable. Dan Post boots pride themselves on designing boots that don’t need breaking in. So the first day you wear them, they are really comfortable. Also, fresh new boots might not have a heel with good grip, so its best to scrape the heels in your drive way or on a sidewalk. Dan Post books are really comfortable. They also have a lot of support which is really important to comfort. Lots of their boots have cushioned soles for additional comfort and support. Another thing to remember is that if your boots don’t fit you, then they wont feel good, make sure to pay attention to the sizing guide on Hatcountry.com to make sure your boots will fit well.


Earlier I talked about how cowboy are some of the most durable boots you can wear. Dan Post boots are no exception. Each boot is made from premium materials and handcrafted with the future wearer in mind. Having those high quality materials can create a luxurious feel from the first moment you put them on. The exotic materials give the Dan Post boots a uniquely gorgeous look. These boots are cute and durable enough to wear all day no matter the activity, they will hold up for a really long time.

This first boot I want to show you is a classic, it’s also pretty comfortable.

Dan Post Marla – Women’s Cowgirl BootsDan Post Women Boots - Dan Post Marla Handmade Women's Cowboy Boots

  • Comfort: Great
  • Durability: Great
  • Style: Comfortably Distressed
  • Price: $192.00 (on Hat Country)

This Laredo Bridget cowboy boot have a broken in look and feel from the first day you wear them. The flex sole on these boots allow you to have easy movement and the insole is cushioned for additional comfort. The all leather boot is has a really cute rounded toe and cowboy heel. It’s 11-inch shaft goes up to the lower part of your calf. The boot is all brown with a stitched pattern that goes up the entire shaft. The pull on tabs make them easier to get on and off. I really like how distressed the design of the boots are.


Style is very important in the design of Dan Post Boots. They just have such a large variety of boots that it would be easy to find a boot that you will love. On Hat Country that have some very cute ones. All of them are hand made with quality leather and exotic materials. They are given a lot of consideration when it comes to constructing each pair. Something I love is that I can find a Dan Post boot to match any style whether I’m out shopping, working outside, or just having fun I can find boots that match my style.

These are some of the cutest and most unique Dan Post boots on Hat Country. They are definitely a show stopper

Here’s some great women’s waterproof boots if you are interested.

Dan Post Liberty – Women’s Cowgirl BootsDan Post Women Boots - Dan Post Liberty Handmade Womens Cowboy Boots

  • Comfort: Great
  • Durability: Great
  • Style: Patriotic
  • Price: $295.00 (On Hat Country)

These boots are not very tall with a short heel and an 11-inch shaft. They will stand out no matter their size. The whole shaft is painted in the pattern of an American flag, The vintage colors can be really appealing. They are the perfect complement to blue jeans and American pride. The heel and toe area is a dark brown leather and the whole boot is perfectly handmade. They have those easy on pull tabs in the same color as the heel of the boot. And really does the flags classic colors of red, white, and blue never go out of style?

Some Features to Look For In Cowboy Boots

Okay, we’ve already talked about some of the pretty awesome features of Dan Post Boots, but Let’s look at some more! Did you know that not all leather is made equal? The better quality of leathers the softer and more comfortable the boot. Dan Post boots take care to use some really quality leather. The inserts in the boots are another great feature. Dan Post boots have inserts that are cushioned and can be removed to be replaced and for cleaning. Some being comfortable is totally a given.

Dan Post San Michelle – Women’s Cowboy BootsDan Post Women Boots - Dan Post San Michelle Handmade Women's Cowboy Boots

These boots are my favorite ones on the list, by like a thousand miles!

  • Comfort: Great
  • Durability: Great
  • Style: Fashionably chic
  • Price: $245.00 (On Hat Country)

Thees boots are completely adorable. The whole 11-inch shaft is teal with an ornate teal design. The bottom of the shaft as a scalloped design leading to a brown toe and heel. The whole boot is made with real leather and lined with leather on the inside. The toe is square. It features a flex insole that makes waking and moving easy. The stockman heel helps with balance as well as comfort. The coloring along with teal is sand. The pull straps match the teal of the rest of the boot.

Take care of your boots by checking out our accessories page!

Let’s Wrap It Up

I love Dan Post Boots, and I especially love the prices at Hat Country. Most of the time you can find the same boot for less money on Hat Country than you can on the Dan Post site. That’s great because you can get some quality boots for less than 300 dollars. The boots on this list are amazing and affordable. I don’t actually need another pair of cowboy boots, but those teal ones are really calling my name! Also, I forgot to mention one other thing about Hat Country. They have allot more than just boots! Belts, boots, shoes, shirts, pants, etc… etc… and of course hats! Everything with a cute country theme so to speak. You definitely need to check them out.

Who knows, you might be out looking for a pair of boots for a special someone.  Check out our informative article on Dan Post men’s cowboy boots here!

As always, let us know what you think about Dan Post boots below.  If you have any recommendations of your own, moans, groans or complaints or positive feedback, we want to know.  Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this article and your new pair of boots if you get them!


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