Handcrafted leather cowboy boots

Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots

Regardless if you’ve worn cowboy boots ever since you were a kid or grew up in New York city and have never slipped on a pair in your life, you might want to try a pair of custom handmade cowboy boots today.

History Of Cowboy Boots

Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots - The History of Handmade Cowboy BootsThe history of the cowboy boot is as interesting as some boots themselves. The modern day boots worn by 19th century cowboys were modeled after soldiers that wore similar style boots in the Revolutionary war. Cowboy boots used to have rounded or square toes. The popular pointed toe didn’t make an appearance until the 1940s stemming from pointed toes in other popular footwear. The tall shaft of the boot served many purposed from protection of the riders leg from wooden stirrups when on horseback to protection from snakebites while working on the ranch.

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Custom handmade cowboy boots were also made at one time to wear on either foot. Lots of these boots were custom-made by a cobbler in Kansas by the name of John Cubine specifically for cowboys in Texas. There is a lot of debate on the exact origin of the cowboy boot, Kansas or Texas, but Texas eventually became the cowboy boot capital of the world. You can read a little bit here on the origin of the American made cowboy boot.  In the years since their creation, custom handmade cowboy boots have been made out of everything from the traditional cow leather to exotic materials such as ostrich, kangaroo, elephant and of course alligator.

The Appeal Of Cowboy Boots

Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots - Guy and Girl wearing Custom BootsThe appeal of cowboy boots is no longer segregated to the ranch out on the wild west or the set of Hollywood movies. Their popularity has ridden right off the cattle ranches of Texas and Oklahoma right onto the feet of the American public and people all over the world. From original leather to Bison skin, Ostrich, rattlesnake, or alligator, every handmade pair of cowboy boots is practically a work of art. They are definitely cherished by their owner and in many cases a kind of status symbol they show off every time they take a step. If you have never worn cowboy boots, you must give them a try. I know what you are thinking, “they don’t look comfortable!”. Well, I’m here to tell you, they are way more comfortable than most dress shoes you have ever worn and they make you look taller, slimmer and the endless stream of compliments never gets old, something I never get with my Nike’s, boat shoes, or even designer dress shoes.

Handmade vs. Off The Rack

This is a no brainer! Of course, you want handmade. I don’t care if we are talking about handmade cowboy boots from Texas to a beautiful handmade wedding dress that you or your bride will be wearing on that special day. Yeah, you can find a pair of off the rack boots that fit great. The problem is the quality. Off the rack tend to be machine made in mass quantities and not given that personnel once over like a good pair of handmade boots. The also don’t have the uniqueness or even collectibility that you find with a pair of handmade cowboy boots. The best thing about off the rack boots is that they are widely available almost anywhere you go, and you usually can’t beat the price. When it comes to handmade, I could almost say the complete opposite as I did about the off the rack boots. Finding the size you need might be a little more difficult. Remember, a person is making this by hand. Not a machine. The quality though is unmatched. These boots will probably last you your whole life. The price, yeah, definitely more expensive than the off the rack boots, but hey, it will be worth it in the quality and uniqueness of the boot alone. Not to mention, when your friend shows up wearing off the rack cowboy boots, your handmade cowboy boots from Texas will be worth it just for the smack talking alone.

Lucchese handmade cowboy boots or some great boots from Tony Lama, you be the judge!

How Collectible Custom Cowboy Boots Can Be

Collectibility and handmade cowboy boots go hand in hand, or maybe I should say foot in foot.

Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots - Handcrafted leather cowboy boots
I mean, we are talking pieces of art here. Pieces of art that you can wear on your feet that is. When I say collectible, I’m not talking about 10 year olds collecting baseball cards either. Imagine a guy jumping in his Leer jet once or twice a year just for footwear! Yeah, it happens. You can get some of these quality handmade boots for as little as three hundred and fifty bucks new all the way to well over two thousand dollars for a higher end custom boot. If you own some of these beautiful boots, they definitely won’t be thrown around the closet when not being worn. A collector would have them proudly displayed on a shelf like the fine pieces of artwork that they are. You can find the same kind of appreciation from collectors of high-end basketball shoes. The passion for the footwear is definitely comparable. If you are buying a pair of handmade cowboy boots for thousands of dollars or buying a pair just to wear out on a night on the town, there is one thing owners of cowboy boots have in common, collectibility. They cherish these boots like the prized possession they deserve to be.

Cowboy Boots, You Might As Well Get A Pair

I’m sure you won’t be buying a pair of custom handmade cowboy boots to protect yourself from wooden saddle parts or biting rattlesnakes. You might take comfort in the fact that they could be made out of the forked tongue slithering serpent that would rather be biting you. You know how popular cowboys boots are these days. There’s really no reason for you not to get a pair or two or three. Don’t be scared, I told you they are more comfortable than you think. Not to mention they make you look slimmer and taller. You may want to check out these great Cowboy Boots from our friends at Hat Country!   Remember, it’s worth a couple extra bucks for that one of a kind custom handmade cowboy boots like carpincho boots. You know your friends will be envious as all get out. Remember, handmade boots are a no brainer when it comes to off the rack boots. Get a pair and see that these boots will be your biggest prized possession when it comes to articles of clothing. You will cherish these boots like the prized possession they deserve to be.

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  1. My Dad has always loved a good pair of cowboy boots. He can’t afford new boots these days, but from time to time he will wear a favorite pair. He does not use dress shoes but always wears the boots with a suit or pair of dress pants. Even pictures from his younger days, my Dad is seen wearing a pair. I don’t think he has ever owned a pair of dress shoes, come to think of it!

  2. I’m not into boots but this makes me wanna rethink my decision. You have a great amount of info here. Thank you for this.
    Success Always!

  3. You are selling very good quality home-made shoes, have fallen in love with them. Will definitely contact you in near future.

  4. Hey, great article on hand-made boots or off the rack boots! You sold me….I’ve never bought a pair of handmade boots, but I would like to try some on some day, just to see the difference, (beside the price!) LOL!
    You are absolutely right about them being your prized possession. I’ve known several cowboys or guys that just like to wear cowboy boots, they’ll even go to a water park with their swim trunks on and their cowboy boots! (they’re so proud of them-probably not their hand made ones).
    Great article and perspective on Cowboy Boots, where are you located in case I need a pair of boots in the near future?

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