What Are Some Cowboy Boots Made In USA

What Are Some Cowboy Boots Made In The USA – Here Are Some To Get You Started!

I was sitting at my computer browsing for a pair of boots and started thinking what are some cowboy boots made in the USA? This is something I have been taking for granted. I hadn’t really thought about it and just assumed all cowboy boots were made here.  I’ve never seen a western based in England lol. I did a little research and this is what I found.

You can find several brands of quality cowboy boots made right here in the USA and most seem to made in Texas. Brands such as Lucchese, Ton Lama, Stallion, Rios of Mercedes are just a few companies that make men’s and women’s western boots made in the USA. Texas is definitely the “hub” of some of the best cowboy boots designed and manufactured in the United States.

Are Tony Lama Boots Made In USA?

At first glance, you may look at the name “Tony Lama” and ask yourself, where in the heck could those boot possibly be made? Tony Lama is definitely an established boot company founded by Italian immigrants way back in 1911. Anyone who knows the slightest bit about cowboy boots knows the name Tony Lama. Known as “The boot of the American west”, a pair of Tony Lama boots scream commitment, quality and the American dream. A pair of these boots will definitely elevate you in the cowboy community so to speak lol.

Tony Lama Men's Cowboy Boots Made In The USAClick Above Image To See Some Spectacular Tony Lama Boots

From what I read, Tony started in the leather and boot trade as an 11 year old. Lol, you aren’t really gonna see that happening in today’s world. He was shoemaker’s apprentice in New York. After that he joined the Calvary (insert bugle charge) and was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. When he got out, he stuck around and opened a shoe and boot repair shop (naturally). The biggest part of his business was of course repairs, but he started making boots here and there and people absolutely loved them! If you think about it, I’ve never heard a bad word against Italian made shoes. It didn’t take long and western wear stores started asking him for his custom-made handmade boots. One thing that Tony Lama is attributed is the process of creating handmade boots in greater quantity. A practice many boot makers still use today. If you want to read up a little more on Tony Lama, here’s a great link.

Lucchese Boots Made In USA

I constantly catch myself mispronouncing the name Lucchese. I used to say it like (Loo-cheese), but this is so wrong! It’s pronounced (Loo – Casey) is the proper way just in case you didn’t know.

This is another legendary boot made by yep, you guessed it, an Italian immigrant. A pair of Lucchese cowboy boots are absolutely amazing. If you haven’t tried on a pair, you really need to get on it. They are absolutely gorgeous and a piece of western art if you ask me. I told you Italians were known for their shoes and Lucchese has definitely hit it out of the park with their amazing cowboy boots.

Lucchese Cowboy Boots Made In The USAClick Above Image To See Some Amazing Lucchese Cowboy Boots

A little older, Lucchese started back in 1883. Started by Sam Lucchese and his brothers from Sicily, they set up shop in San Antonio, Texas and believe it or not, his main customer was the U.S. Army. You have to love those government contracts! Like Tony Lama, Lucchese invested heavily in new techniques in order to create handmade high quality cowboy boots allowing them to increase numbers and production.

Lucchese has since moved from San Antonio to El Paso, Texas USA. Lucchese is often recognized for being worn by celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Wayne, other big celebrities and a couple of United States presidents. One of the greatest pairs of boots that you can wear made right here in the USA. To learn more about Lucchese, you can find them on Wikipedia right here.

Cowboy Boots Made In Texas

Cowboy Boots Made In Texas, USA!
Cowboy Boots Made In Texas / USA

I’ve been involved in the cowboy boot world now for quite some time and I absolutely love them. Sometimes I just like to go online and see new styles, new leathers and colors. There is an ever-changing landscape of different cowboy boot toe types also, but that’s a whole other article.

One thing I have learned is that most cowboy boots are yes, made in the USA, but more specifically made in Texas. Sure, you have some here and there that may be made in Oklahoma, New Mexico, etc… but these are mainly little “mom-and-pop” type shops. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with that and I would probably put any of those up against boot makers in Texas. When it comes down to it, all cowboy boots made in the USA. But……..why are so many boots made in Texas? Why are so many of the big names like Lucchese, Tony Lama, Stallion, Rios Of Mercedes based in Texas? This is a question I have asked myself plenty of times and to be honest, I really don’t know. I can guess, but that’s about it.

I really don’t think the answer is hard to figure out though. I mean it’s Texas. in my eyes Texas is the “hub” of western lifestyle in the United States. Texas is huge and has a little of everything when it comes to big cities, fashion, amount of people living there, western influence in clothes and of course cowboy boots. Don’t mess with Texas cowboy boots. That’s for sure!

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Men’s & Women’s Cowboy Boots Made In The USA

If you are looking for a great pair of cowboy boots for men or women, of course there is only one choice. I’m not talking about one brand, but over all one choice and that’s a pair of cowboy boots made in the USA. There are some great boots made in Mexico, but why in the heck would you do that? If you have several pairs of boots made in Texas or Oklahoma, etc…, fine, get a pair from somewhere else just to check them out. But if you are buying your first pair, you have to go American. See what all the fuss is about and support U.S. workers. Besides that, you aren’t gonna find a better pair of boots when it comes to looks, style, and quality.

Another thing I want to mention is the state of the economy here in the U.S. No matter if it’s good or bad, the effect of buying right here in the USA does not go unnoticed. It’s a boost for everyone because it’s effects trickle throughout the country. Spending here means food on the table for Americans plain and simple. Western boots in the USA is the way to go in my opinion and it actually makes me feel good purchasing a pair of the finest cowboy boots ever made!

Wearing Boots From East To West – I Hope This Helped

I hope this article gave you a jump or a little guidance on some quality brand names made in the USA. People from all over the country and even all over the world are always on the hunt for the best. They want the best car, the best phone, the best this or that. It’s the same for cowboy boots. Why would you want to settle for 2nd best? If you are going to take anything away from this article, I hope it’s that cowboy boots made in the USA are the best. Hands down. No competition. Second place can’t even be seen in the rear view mirror.

Lol, that may be a little over the top, but I pretty much believe in it. We have a lot of reviews and suggestions on this site about some super high quality cowboy boots for both men and women. If you have any questions about any of them, please let us know down below in the comment section and maybe another viewer can help out or we will definitely answer your questions if we can. I (we) here at We heart strongly support buying cowboy boots made in the USA not only for the economic advantage it gives our great country, but we also want you to have the best cowboy boot out there.

I only mentioned a few brands up top, but don’t forget, there are still many other brands made here in the states. Be sure to do your due diligence and explore a little. That’s why the internet was created. You never know what you are gonna find out there and you just might stumble on to your next little personal treasure. Cowboy boots aren’t just for cowboys anymore, remember that. They have been the “it thing” for a while now and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon. If you find a brand you like, do a little research and see if they were made in the USA or somewhere else. I wold bet money they will be from Texas (lol), but you never know. Good luck on your hunt and as always we hope that we’ve helped you to find your new favorite pair of handmade cowboy boots Made in the USA!

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