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Carpincho Cowboy Boots – Learn About Capybara Cowboy Boots

I was hoping to do an article on carpincho cowboy boots forever! I’m almost obsessed with these animals. Nothing out of control or anything, but I love the worlds largest rodent! You may have heard of it called a capybara. it is also called by other names such as Capivara, chiguire, chiguiro and of course, the carpincho.

At first look, all I see is a giant guinea pig. There is good reason for that. It’s close relatives to guinea pigs and rock cavies. I had to look up rock cavies and I think they might be cuter than carpinchos. The carpincho is a very social animal and can live in groups up to a 100. I’m not sure if they are called packs, herds or what. I’m guessing since they are herbivores it would be a herd before it would be a pack. Capybaras are not a threatened species and is hunted for its meat, hide and also for grease from its fatty skin that is used in pharmaceuticals.

Let’s talk about carpincho leather for a minute. carpincho skin or leather is considered one of the premier leathers by leather experts. It is often used to make luxurious gloves because of how soft it is. It’s so soft its compared to the leather of peccary. Trust me, its super soft. The leather resembles a soft-grained, brown-speckled suede. It is a very thin leather, but very strong, so its perfect for such products as gloves, belts, jackets, cowboy boots of course and is a favorite learodether worn by Gauchos, the traditional Argentinian cowboy.



Rios of Mercedes Carpincho / Capybara Handmade Cowboy Boots


Carpincho Cowboy Boots - A Pair Of Carpincho Cowboy Boots
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Once again, I can not overstate how soft the leather is on these boots. You may thin you are wearing slippers. Caution, you may not want to wear another pair of boots after trying these on. I may just call them “sock boots” or something because its like wearing another pair of socks.

Since I have been going on and on about how soft it is, I haven’t even mentioned how great they look! The vamp is 100% carpincho and like ostrich boots or python cowboy boots, it definitely has its own unique look to them. A random splotchy type pattern kind of quills, but at the same time very uniform. A magnificent rust color which I just love and a beautiful butter soft black calf quarters that compliment the vamp perfectly The shafts also have a very dignified stitching pattern that looks like they should be on display in a museum.

Also, If I didn’t mention it already, I love the toe on these cowboy boots. The “TK” Snip toe is quickly becoming my favorite toe in a pair of boots.

  • Men’s Exotic, Rust carpincho Cowboy Boots
  • Ultra Soft carpincho Vamps
  • Buttery Soft Black Fandango Calf Quarters
  • Regal Rust & White Quarter Stitching
  • Matching Black Fandango Piping
  • carpincho Overlay Straight Pull Straps
  • 12″ Shaft
  • ‘TK’ Snip Toe

Check out all kinds of exotic cowboy boots here! Info on hippo, ostrich, fish boots and more.

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Rios Of Mercedes Cowboy Boots For The Win

Pinto Ranch has the largest online cowboy collection out there. Hundreds of boots for men, women and kids. Out of all those boots ( many I have yet to actually get a look at), these carpincho cowboy boots are the only ones offered on their site. I don’t know if you have seen where I have mentioned it or not, but Pinto only put top quality boots on their site. They don’t mess around with lesser boots. That may sound snobbish is some sense, but they want to deal in quality and that is all.

You can check out a great review we did on Rios Of Mercedes boots right here and it will take you right to all of their boots for men and women.

If you have a pair of Rios Of Mercedes cowboy boots, then you know exactly what I am talking about. With over 160 years in the boot business, they have boot making down to a science. When you put on a pair of their cowboy boots, you immediately know you are getting top quality. Don’t take my word though, try a pair for yourself.

Capybara Cowboy Boots, Think Outside The Box

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I did mention at the beginning of this article that I had a slight obsession for this animal, but don’t take that to mean I wouldn’t wear a pair, lol. I like cows also, but I will definitely wear a nice leather jacket while eating a Porterhouse. With that being said, I think you really need to try a pair of these boots. I think you would be comfortable in them just sitting around the house. No joke, they are that soft.

These animals are illegal to hunt in Argentina and that is where most of the leather comes from. Farm raised carpincho with the highest quality hides. I actually have a friend from Argentina that lives in the U.S. and vacations there every year. Every year I make the same joke (kind of not a joke), “Bring me back a Capybara”. Next time I’m gonna say “Bring me back a carpincho” and see if she knows what I’m talking about.

If you have a pair of carpincho cowboy boots, please let us know in the comments below what you think about them. Also, if you have any questions about these boots or any other cowboy boots for that matter, do the same and let us know below.

Thanks for checking out these great boots and we hope you find your favorite pair today!

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