When you are out shopping, what’s your favorite part of the whole experience? I guess you could say it kind of varies for me. When it comes to clothing, for me it could be finding the ultimate fitting shirt or pair of jeans. If I find an awesome t-shirt, I almost don’t even care how much it costs. Well, to some extent I don’t care. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often. But for most, I think it’s finding a good deal. Everyone loves a sale or discount (friends and family ring any bells?). A going out of business sale attracts the masses. My favorite is the buy one get one. Every time I go to the grocery store, it’s practically the first thing I do. I walk around the entire place and grab all the buy one get one’s that interest me. After that, then I get the items on my list.

Shoppers Looking for Discount Boots for Men and Women

Now if you could get the best of both worlds, that would be great! Imagine finding a great pair of boots, but for half price. Almost sounds too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not. I have found the ultimate boot outlet with discounted boot prices that you are sure to “heart”. Below I have listed some discount handmade cowboy boots for men and women. Go ahead and click on them and check them out. Be sure to check out the other boots on their site. They have all sorts of top quality handmade boots that you are sure to love.

Abilene Isaac – Men’s Cowboy Boots (Closeout)

Outlet Boots Abilene Isaac - Mens Cowboy Boots

• Men’s Abilene Boot Collection
• Polished Cowhide
• 12″ Shaft
• Air Ride Comfort System
• Weatherproof Outsole
• R-Round Toe
• 1 1/2″ Cowboy Heel
• Made in the U.S.A.

was: $181.00 now: $90.50

For a more polished look, get yourself the Abilene Isaac men’s handmade cowboy boots. These American made boots will go with just about anything with the r-round toe and 1 1/2″ cowboy heel. You’ll also feel comfortable wearing these boots with anything with the air ride comfort system and weatherproof out sole. The shaft is a solid black 12″ with double reinforced pull straps for strength and stability. This is a classic pair of handmade boots that are discounted at 50% off. You can’t beat that deal anywhere.

Dingo Suiter – Men’s Cowboy Boot (Closeout)

Outlet Boots Dingo Suiter - Mens Cowboy Boot

• All Pigskin Leather
• 12″ Shaft
• Narrow R-Toe
• Composition Outsole
• Western Heel

was: $144.00 now: $72.00

The stylish Suiter Men’s Biker Boots are made to show off your personality. The naturally water resistant handmade pigskin boot will quickly mold to your feet as though made especially for you. A chain and conchos garnish the ankle harness. The out sole looks like leather but made to last longer. Feel relief from the cushion insoles. And of course these discounted boots are 50% off and they are worth every penny of it. Save a ton on these classic men’s handmade boot!

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Abilene James – Men’s Cowboy Boots (Closeout)

Outlet Boots Abilene James - Mens Cowboy Boots

• Men’s Abilene Boot Collection
• Oiled Cowhide
• 12″ Shaft
• Air Ride Comfort System
• Weatherproof Outsole
• R-Round Toe
• 1 1/2″ Cowboy Heel
• Made in the U.S.A.

was: $189.99 now: $95.00

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that won’t clash with whatever you decide to wear, then the Abilene James men’s cowboy boots are perfect for you. Each color option of these boots are a solid color with a solid 12″ oiled cowhide shaft. Added comfort comes from the air ride comfort system and weatherproof out sole. Additionally, you’ll be able to walk around all day in these American made boots with the r-round toes and 1 1/2″ cowboy heels. These might be my favorite pairs of discounted men’s cowboy boots. I actually would love to have all 3 colors and at 50% off, there’s really no reason I can’t have them.

Laredo Stirrup – Men’s Western Boots (Closeout)

Outlet Boots Laredo Stirrup - Mens Western Boots

• Leather Foot
• Cowboy Approved Out sole
• 11″ Leather Shaft
• Broad Square Toe

was: $174.00 now: $87.00

Show off your style with the Stirrup Men’s Western Boots by Laredo. This all leather boot features a broad square toe and stockman heel. Don’t forget the cowboy approved out sole for long-lasting wear. And for comfort? A cushion insole. This is a great handmade cowboy boot at a discounted price that is all most too good to believe! You won’t have anything to complain about with this super stylish and comfortable pair of boots. The 50% off price tag isn’t too shabby either!

Women wearing Discount Cowboy Boots

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Abilene Texas Star with Overlay- Women’s Cowgirl Boots -Tan- Closeout

Outlet Boots Abilene Texas Star with Overlay- Womens Cowgirl Boots

• Urethane Cushion Insole
• Leather Heel Pad
• 1/8” Foam Cushion
• 11” Shaft
• Genuine Leather
• Snip Toe
• Available in Tan Only
• Final Sale

was: $175.98 now: $87.99

Texas Star with Overlay, by Abilene Boots, is a classic western boot with a stylish edge. Made from genuine leather with a distressed wingtip, matching collar and heel overlays, this boot also sports decorative details that are sure to impress. Small cutout star designs accent the collar, and beautiful stitching decorates the shaft. This boot boats an 11″ shaft, snip-toe, 1 1/2″ western heel, genuine leather out sole and Abilene’s AirRide Comfort System which combine to make a boot that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. Made in the USA. “AirRide Comfort System” The cushion insole has superior shock absorption capabilities and remains flexible even in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Unique cell structure allows perspiration to pass through the insole and also resists foot odor, moisture and heat. Every lady out there is sure to love this beautiful handmade boot at a cool 50% off discounted price.

Abilene Lauren – Women’s Cowgirl Boots (Closeout)

Outlet Boots Abilene Lauren - Womens Cowgirl Boots

• Oiled Cowhide
• Air Ride Comfort System
• Genuine Leather Out sole
• Square Toe
• 1 1/4″ Cowboy Heel
• Made in the U.S.A.

was: $175.99 now: $88.00

Go vintage in the Abilene Lauren women’s cowgirl boots, made of oiled cowhide for a more worn look. Also, American made with a square toe and 1 1/4″ cowboy heel, these boots have a genuine leather out sole to keep you walking in these for a while. Feel the extra comfort with Abilene boots when you wear a boot that has the air ride comfort system. Don’t feel so bad walking into the stables for the first time when you wear these boots. It’s a rare find when you find a vintage pair of discounted boots that look this good. Make sure you take advantage of getting 50% off this classic pair of women’s discount boots today.

Abilene Ruth – Women’s Cowgirl Boots -(CLOSEOUT)

Outlet Boots Abilene Ruth - Womens Cowgirl Boots

• 11″ Shaft
• Air Ride Comfort System
• Genuine Leather Out sole
• Snip Toe
• 1 1/2″ Cowboy Heel
• Made in the U.S.A.

was: $175.48 now: $87.74

Abilene’s Ruth women’s cowgirl boots are American made with a soft textured cowhide. The 11″ shaft features a tooled cowhide overlay with a solid color throughout the shaft and shoulder. The out sole is genuine leather while the insole is provided by Abilene’s air ride comfort system. Each color option features a 1 1/2″ cowboy heel and snip toe in either brandy, camel or red. This is a great pair of handmade leather cowboy boots that everyone will love.

As part of Abilene’s tradition, they continue to offer exceptional quality in all of their boots. The Air Ride Comfort System was developed to provide comfort for every part of your body. This system uses a highly advanced urethane cushion insole, a leather heel pad with a 1/8″ foam cushion and a 1/8″ foam filler between both the insole and the leather out sole. The insole is cushioned with a more advanced shock absorbing capability, allowing it to be more flexible in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. With such a unique cell structure, perspiration is able to pass through the insole while resisting foot odor, heat and moisture. We almost can’t believe that we found these discounted women’s cowboy boots. We are sure that you are gonna absolutely just love them!

We Hope You Found A Great Discount Boot Here At We Heart!

This should give you a great start to find some great discount boots for both men and women. I guarantee if you don’t find what you are looking for in the outlet sections, you will find some awesome handmade boots in the men’s boot section or the cowgirl boots section. At We Heart Handmade Boots, we have also written some great articles on Hiking boots, men’s work boots and ladies work boots that will give you some great information and help you pick out the handmade boot that is right for you. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions or boot info that could help out our readers.

Article by Thomas S.


  1. Seun Afotanju March 27, 2019

    Thanks for this important post,  you have made it easier for me to consider all aspects of the boot making and buying process, the type of materials the boots will be made from, getting the best possible fit with a guarantee of satisfaction, although I’m not a cowboy but I’m a lover of the boots,  always and will get myself one as this fashion never gets old.

  2. Chidiking88 March 26, 2019

    This article has given me great insight. Wow! these boots look so so incredibly great. The designs are awesome, the leather qualities too. Getting the boots for incredible discounts (almost half the former price for each) is just the best mouthwatering treat, coupled with their durability.

    Thank you for bringing these We Heart awesome Hand Made Shoes for both males and females, my way.

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  4. Amber March 26, 2019

    How great to have found this! We have recently moved to Texas and I almost feel like its a requirement to get boots now, but always found them so expensive. There are some cute styles on here and being taller I have larger feet so I am happy to see that they have larger sizes for women than you typically would find elsewhere. Also, my husband likes boots in various skins (alligator, snake, ostrich, etc) do you have any boots like that for discounted price that you could recommend?

  5. Destiny March 26, 2019

    These shoes are nice and looks durable, please does it have a warranty? If yes, how many years? And how do i know which one is the original and which is fake. What a nice site for business. No one will pass by without having a second thought. Where did you upload the pics from please 

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