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American Made Cowboy Boots Men – Made In The USA Never Looked So Good

I think there are several things that come to mind when you think of America or the good ole USA. Things like apple pie, baseball, the good ole red, white, and blue, etc… Don’t forget the American cowboy. What do you think of when you think of a cowboy? Four things come to my mind. A saddled up horse, cowboy hat, a six shooter, and of course the cowboy boot.

American Made Cowboy Boots Men - Some Awesome Cowboy Boots Made By Stallion Boots

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You probably never thought about it, but a man named Charles Hyer is credited with the creation of the American Made Cowboy Boots. People ask two main questions about cowboy boots all the time. One is why are cowboy boots so pointed? Another is why do they have such big heels? Well a Colorado cowboy was passing through Kansas City and stopped in Charle’s shop and wanted a new pair of boots. He wasn’t liking his civil war style boots very much. He wanted a toe that was pointed so it could slide easy into the stirrup and he also requested a slanted heel that would hold better while in the stirrup as well.

With those requests, American made cowboy boots were born. The cowboy was so happy with his new boots, he spread the word when he got home and the Hyer boot company started supplying their newly founded cowboy boots to cattlemen, rodeo performers, and movie stars. They also created a mail order catalog with measuring charts to reach customers further west and even across the oceans.

Where To Get Men’s Cowboy Boots?

You would think this is a simple question, but it can be a challenge. There are many places to get cowboy boots these days, but do you really want to settle? Heck, you can buy boots at Walmart, Amazon, basically any shoe store at your local strip mall. Just because you can buy them there doesn’t mean you should.

American Made Cowboy Boots Men - Boot and American Flag
Nothing Better Than Cowboy Boots & The American Flag!

What are you looking for? Price, quality, Name brand, All the above? I’m not really one to buy name brand items when it comes to a lot of items like food brands when I go grocery shopping or socks and stuff like that, but there are a couple things that I don’t hesitate to drop a couple extra bucks for. I’ll pay good money for a mattress because a good nights sleep is super important to me. Footwear is also something super important. Comfort, durability, and the ability to last is super important and if you want all of those when buying a pair of boots or shoes, most likely you will have to shell out a little more dough, but don’t worry, it will pay for itself in the long run.

As I said, you can get cowboy boots just about anywhere. Heck, every time I turn on a TV, I see a commercial for Tecova boots. I’m not really a big fan of their boots. To me they are “cookie cutter” type boots with no character to them. Definitely a step up from a Walmart pair of boots, but they definitely aren’t a Tony lama, Lucchese, or any other pair of handmade boots offered at Pinto Ranch. Not even close.

Why Should I Buy Them At Pinto Ranch?

First, if you’ve purchased from here before, you really don’t need to read this. Go on their site and read some of the comments they have gotten from customers. Almost every comment they get usually talks about two things. The first is the amazing quality of the western boots or other western wear they just bought and the other is the amazing experience they had when purchasing said item.

American Made Cowboy Boots Men - Urban cowboy with some American Made Cowboy Boots
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When people purchase boots here, sometimes they don’t fit exactly right or maybe they didn’t like a certain aspect about it (we all have are little quirks or whatever), but I haven’t heard a single complaint when it comes to someone trying to either return or exchange an item. A matter a fact, all they get is praise on how they handle everything. A pair of boots, a cowboy hat, a shirt, etc…, if it doesn’t fit or something else is wrong with it, making an exchange is as easy as pie.

I think the biggest reason that I have seen when returning a pair of boots or exchanging a pair has always been the fit. Buying a pair of boots online can be a little scary because you can’t try them on right then and there, but it doesn’t need to be. Pinto has a free exchange / return policy as long as your boots aren’t worn and they even pay for the shipping, so it won’t cost you a dime. There it is, the biggest problem or fear for buying a pair of boots online has just been solved.

Lucchese Cowboy Boots - Pinto Ranch Western Wear

The second reason you should check out Pinto Ranch is the quality. They only carry the best. They really don’t mess around with any cheapies that fall apart after a week. I’m pretty sure that they have a “secret” business model that states if they wouldn’t wear it, they won’t sell it. Everything you purchase from here will last. Not only last, but look great at the same time.

Remember when I said “What are you looking for, price, quality, Name brand, All the above?” Well here it is all rolled up into one online boot and western wear store, Pinto Ranch.

Boots Made In The USA, you just can’t beat them

Don’t get me wrong, they make some great boots in Mexico, I don’t think you can really argue that, but hey we are talking about American made cowboy boots and they are made right here in the good ole USA and mostly made in Texas from what I’ve seen and they are absolutely amazing. You basically are getting a work of art while at the same time supporting American workers. That’s a win win if you ask me.

I’m sure if Charles Hyer was alive today, he would be very pleased to see today’s cowboy boots. They are basically the same version that he made over a hundred years ago for a traveling ex civil war soldier. These days there are many versions like ropers, square toe boots, snip toe, but they are based after that same pair Chuck made in Kansas City. If you don’t know much about boots, head on over to Pinto Ranch and see what all the fuss is about. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find!

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