5 Things Cowboy Boots Say About You

5 Things Wearing Cowboy Boots Say About A Person – Might Be Surprised

What does wearing cowboy boots say about a person now I was talking with Will Roman of Chisos boots and you guys probably seen that interview and he said something that really struck me during that interview:

“People who wear cowboy boots are a little different than the rest of Society at Large you know, it’s like pulling on the uniform you know like you know that you’re standing out a little and you know that you have a responsibility behave a certain way and I think that what I’ve seen the people who were drawn to boots, that come from Texas or outside of Texas, ummm there is this, there’s almost an ethos that comes with it that these are the types of people that look out for their neighbors.”  Will Roman, Chisos Boots

And it got me thinking, you know what does wearing cowboy boots says about a person? So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Let’s get into it.

5 Things Wearing Cowboy Boots Says About A Person by Jeremiah Craig

But first I think it’s important to get one type of person who wears cowboy boots out of the way and that is the person who wears cowboy boots to country concerts and other stereotypical events but never wears them anywhere else. It’s really disappointing to me when I see these comments on Twitter where it’s like “I’m going to a country concert can I borrow anybody’s cowboy boots?” It’s like you should have cowboy boots to begin with. Those people are posers and you shouldn’t trust them at all. Here’s the thing though, there’s a caveat to that one thing. If they own up to it and they say “yeah I’m just wearing these boots so I fit in, just like whatever it’s cool like this is just part of the thing.”, then they have some potential. Now that we have that person out of the way, what about the regular boot wearers? Maybe not every day boot wearers, but maybe a few times a week. What about those folks? What does wearing cowboy boots say about them? Well for me it comes down to five things.

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Cowboy Boots – Appreciating Quality

person who likes cowboy boots appreciates quality, not only in the products that they use and wear throughout their life, but also in the people that they associate themselves with. If we think about why the cowboy boot is such a high-quality product, we think about the history of it and why it was created that way. So I know a lot of folks like to say that the cowboy boots started around like the Civil War, but the Civil War boot wasn’t very well-built at all. So when folks started to move west after the Civil War they needed better boots, so boot makers in Kansas and Texas and along those lines before you get way out west, they created a very high quality boot so that people can explore the New Frontiers.

These days when it comes to quality, I hate to say it, but I like some of the big named brand expensive cowboy boots. I’ve written an article about them “Expensive cowboy boots” and it talks about Stallion, Lucchese, Rios of Mercedes, etc… I love some of these boots and the history in which they represent. Most of these boots I just listed are also featured in our article “The Top 10 cowboy boot brands” and there are also a couple brands listed there dealing entirely on ladies cowboy boots.

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Wearing Cowboy Boots – Comfortable Exploring New Frontiers

So this is another thing that I think about when I see somebody who wears boots and what it says about that person is that they are comfortable exploring new frontiers. Now I’m not talking about like outdoor Frontiers, because far as the U.S. is concerned like the west was the last time, maybe Alaska, but what other frontiers are there now? There’s lots of Frontiers. There’s frontiers in business, there’s frontiers in education, there’s frontiers online, there’s frontiers everywhere and the people who wear cowboy boots are not afraid to explore new frontiers because they associate themselves with a piece of clothing, a piece of Footwear that was made to handle New Frontiers you know what I’m saying? And then on top of that we’re getting into the third thing that I think about.

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Cowboy Boot Wearers Are Respectful & Considerate

I think it says that they are respectful and considerate of others, but at the same time they’re not ones to take s**t from people, you know what I’m saying! So we can be respectful and considerate and have empathy for somebody else’s situation. Not judge them right off the bat. Part of being respectful is not generalizing as well.

So all of these things, 1. Appreciating quality 2. Taking advantage of new frontiers 3. Being respectful and considerate of others, that then leads into my last two points about what it says to wear cowboy boots as a person.

5 Things Cowboy Boots Say About You

Uniqueness And Individuality

Your uniqueness and individuality! So maybe not down in Texas and some of you folks who are watching (Jeremiah’s video) these are just normal things to you right? But in the north and on the coasts, you know it’s not so popular to wear cowboy boots so it shows your uniqueness and your individualist approach towards your style and towards the way you want to live your life but finally it shows that…

Cowboy Boot Wearers Have Confidence

You have confidence! And having each one of those things: appreciating quality, taking advantage of New Frontiers, by also that I mean, you know, you’re not afraid to put yourself out there and learn new things. You’re being respectful, you’re unique, you’re not afraid to live life. That’s where the confidence comes from, that’s where the confidence comes from. Those are my 5 things. That’s what it says to wear cowboy boots as a person. I’m talking about both men and women here, because wearing cowboy boots is all the same when you’re human being. What do you guys think?

Owning Cowboy Boots In Conclusion

As you might have notices, all 5 of Jeremiah’s observations about the people that wear cowboy boots are pretty flattering characteristics for a person to have to say the least in my opinion. Cowboy boots aren’t something that you “have to grow up with” or something where you “have to like country music” or “you have to know how to ride a horse”. Lol, it’s a state of mind if you ask me. There are plenty of people in the city that love cowboy boots and wear them. If you know any of these people, I bet they possess many of the characteristics mentioned above. If you really get to know them, they most likely possess all of them. I bet if you go ahead and thing about it, you probably possess these same qualities. You know what that means? Time for some cowboy boots!

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5 thoughts on “5 Things Wearing Cowboy Boots Say About A Person – Might Be Surprised”

  1. On my first day in a new job I wore cowboy boots, and it didn’t take long before people commented when I didn’t wear them. In my next job, the Director of IT mentioned the cowboy boots to my boss. They make a statement, you will be noticed. Don’t wear them if you can’t handle the attention.

    Personally I consider myself the kind and thoughtful type. Whenever someone is helpful, I thank them. When people go out of the way to be helpful, I make it known how much I appreciate it. But be a jerk and you are unlikely to get a second chance, you’ll have a short window of opportunity to redeem yourself (everyone makes mistakes, but how you handle the mistake is paramount) , and I’m more likely to cut you out of my life forever.

    1. There is strangely a lot of gay fetish in leather boots and shoes. While researching it is amazing the creepy crap one comes across posted on UTube.

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